Ideas in Stock - Try out the shelves and sofas from Cubit® live in Düsseldorf

Ideas in Stock - Try out the shelves and sofas from Cubit® live in Düsseldorf

Cubit® makes module furniture for the modern age and offers it in a fitting manner: online. Digital retail has a number of advantages. We are in direct contact with the clients; planning, consultation and ordering all take place without any detours. This enables us to invest in design, functionality and high quality products. We are constantly expanding the module and color palette of the shelf and adding new veneers. Or the Cubit sofa: 100% manufactured in Ostwestfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia). We deliver functional, stylish stools and chairs, which perfectly match our customers’ wishes. We challenge conventional thinking – and take the same approach to sales as with the idea for our furniture: demand determines the form.

Investment in the Essential

We have taken a similar pragmatic approach to designing our showroom – which is perhaps slightly unusual for Düsseldorf. Cubit® is based in the industrial district of Reisholz. Here, we do not simply conjure up beautiful images. Here, the modular furniture lends itself to the mood of an industrial loft: with eye-catching colors, surfaces and a puristic design. There is more than enough room to come into contact with shelves and sofas over 115 m² of floor space. Step back, move up close, touch, sit....the trendsetters have all given evidence here. “Visitors intuitively recognize the principle of the furniture,” reports home décor expert and adviser Bärbel Walger. “Shelves and sofas have an authentic feel, since the atmosphere is not the slightest bit artificial.”

Innovative right up to the Ceiling

That does not mean you cannot find art here as well. The expansive ceiling installation by the artist Evangelos Papadopoulos is significant for the dynamics of Cubit® modular furniture. It has taken shape over the course of several months, has undergone changes and will also react to the prevailing atmosphere in the future. Visitors to the showroom have a similar experience: If you find yourself returning again, do not expect it to look the same as on your previous visit. The Cubit® Team also tries out and tests the furniture in different formations.

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