Design meets usefulness: shelf combinations from Cubit


The modular shelving system offers solutions for a whole host of room situations and furnishing requirements. We’ve put together a few ideas for you – from shelf units and TV racks to corner shelves.


Sample package for the sofa


Is it really that comfortable? You bet! Experience the comfort, materials and functions of our modular sofa system.


Discover the world of furniture with Cubit


Whether you’re going for coolness or opulence, the modular furniture from Cubit® adapts to your style and room. What’s more, it’s convertible too and you can add to it at a later date. There are plenty of examples:


Have a plan: with the sofa configurator


Shape, size and color: The configurator allows you to keep everything under control when designing your new sofa. It even gives you a realistic representation of what your finished sofa will look like.


Pablo and Laura from Barcelona discussing their three-seater sofa

“We like combining the classical with the modern.”

It would probably be presumptuous to compare the modular sofa system from Cubit  with the Sagrada Família. But the punchy arrangement of Pablo and Laura’s three-seater sofa is somewhat reminiscent of the unfinished landmark in their hometown, Barcelona. Here in the Barrio Gótico, you’ll find that conversions, modifications and amendments are being made, just like there. “Maybe the delight we get out of designing is simply in our Catalan blood,” the translator points out. The Cubit team was thrilled to take up her invitation to the hip metropolis and, now, we can see what impact the almost cubistic-looking three-seater sofa has in their apartment, which is situated in an old build and filled with nooks and crannies.

The three-seater sofa looks great, whether used as a unit or as a fragmented solution

“Our apartment has a traditional floor plan. In other words, 90 degree angles are something of a rarity. That’s exactly why we were instantly attracted to the look of the three-seater sofa with its slightly diagonal line. On the one hand, it looks completely clear, and on the other, it sure packs a punch,” explains Pablo, discussing the style of the apartment. As an architect, he has an eye for difficult design tasks and believes that the modular sofa system could be the ideal solution for many of his clients, given that it can adapt to any room situation.

Cushions emphasize the features of the three-seater sofa

The old-build apartments in the legendary Barrio Gótico are filled with charm, but often lack in daylight. A clever color scheme combined with sources of artificial light make up for this shortcoming. Laura and Pablo deliberately picked bright colors for their three-seater sofa. Cushions provide a dark contrast and accentuate the structure. Incidentally, they’re also using two pouffes from the sofa series as temporary storage solutions for their clothes in the bedroom. When they’ve got guests over, the stool-like seats are arranged next to the three-seater sofa. And voilà – the seating solution that was so reminiscent of the Sagrada Família is complete.