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How does the Cubit shelf work?

  • Do Cubit shelves still have to be assembled?

    • The individual shelf modules are delivered to your home in a pre-assembled state. Each shelf module is individually packaged in its own cardboard box.

      The connector and stacking system works without the need of tools. We supply a set of hooks and two connector boards per module to hang Cubit shelves or to stabilize standing shelves. Our assembly instructions show you how everything works in detail.

  • How do I hang the shelf modules up on the wall?

    • Free-floating shelf modules, standing shelves more than 1.50 m tall, door modules and drawer modules have to be fixed to the wall. In principle, we supply one hook set per module for this purpose. This set consists of:

      - two custom-fit hooks made of zinc-plated steel
      - four universal screws
      - four universal dowels
      - two self-adhesive spacers
      - one drilling template for drawing the drill holes.

      You need a size 6 screwdriver for assembly.

      If you’ve planned your shelf online using our configurator, we will send you assembly instructions when we deliver your shelf. These will illustrate how the shelf should be hung up on the wall. If you are expanding an existing shelf to include an additional individual module, in principle we advise hanging it up on the wall.

      We cannot assess whether the conditions for stable fastening have been met in your chosen location and, for this reason, we do not give any guarantee for hanging.

  • Do all the Cubit shelves have to be hung up on the wall?

    • Each shelf module has grooves for vertical or horizontal hanging on its rear panel. The zinc-plated steel hooks lock into these grooves following assembly. Hold the module against the wall and use a sharp pencil (important!) to mark the corners of the module. Mark the drill holes using the enclosed drilling template. Now drill the holes, attach the hooks and hang the module.

      1. Mark the corners of the module
      2. Mark the drill holes using the template
      3. Drill the holes
      4. Attach the hooks
      5. Stick on the spacers in the bottom corners
      6. Hang the module. That’s you done!

      All the hooks, screws and dowels you need are included. You will find further details in the assembly instructions.

      Please note! Cubit shelves must be hung up on the wall when the following conditions are given:

      - Straight, classic bookshelves more than 1.50 m tall

      - Free-floating or projecting shelf modules

      - Door and drawer modules

  • How do I design my Cubit shelf?
    • There are three options available to you:

      1. Design your dream shelf in the configurator. You will find the high-quality design tool on our website – it’s intuitive to use. You’ll also find information in our tutorial.
      2. Discover our various forms of inspiration. Click on your dream shelf. It loads in the configurator and is available for editing. Delete and amend your shelf, or even change its color – everything is possible.
      3. Would you like our professionals to do the designing for you? The price for our Design Service is €49. Please use our order form. Our Cubit team will contact you to discuss your requirements as soon as it has received your payment.
  • Can I hang Cubit modules horizontally and vertically?

    • Yes! For all modules with an open front (featuring no drawers or doors), the grooves are provided on the rear panel.

      You will soon discover that the design possibilities simply keep growing and growing.

      » How the shelf works

  • How much weight can a shelf module hold?

    • The modules are so sturdy that they can easily hold the contents they were designed for – i.e. normal things like books, CDs or furnishing accessories.

      Cubit datasheet.Cubit datasheet..

  • Can anyone help me set up my Cubit shelf?

    • Fortunately, that’s completely unnecessary, since the Cubit shelf can be set up with ease – even by one person alone. For a stacked Cubit shelf, you don’t even need a single tool. Free-floating modules or shelves more than 1.50 m tall, drawers and door modules are assembled using a hook set, a pencil and a drill.

      » How the shelf works

  • What are Cubit shelves made of?

    • For our Cubit shelves, we only use high-quality materials from quality European manufacturers.

      Medium- and high-density fiberboards are formed to create an entire element and are coated with several layers of satin-finish paint. The modules veneered with real wood are oiled by hand following the production process. » How the shelf works

  • Is there a sample of the Cubit shelf?

    • We’ve developed the sample package to allow you to test the shelf first of all. The sample package is made up of two white Cubits in different formats and samples of all the available colors.

      » How the shelf works