A close encounter – with the fabric selection from Cubit

A close encounter – with the fabric selection from Cubit

Late summer 2014. The sofa has moved into our world of furnishings. Since it’s modular like the shelves, the number of variations are almost endless. And not just with respect to the sofa’s shape, but also in terms of the color and feel of the fabric. The sofa is touching in the truest sense of the word when our customers sit down on it.

“It’s a sensitive issue,” affirms Minou Farkhondeh. Which is precisely why the interior designer and co-founder of the Cubit brand has invested a great deal of time in carefully selecting the fabrics. Naturally, Olaf Schroeder, an industrial designer and creator of the innovative Cubit sofa, was right by her side. “The sofa’s consistently modular design definitely has to go beneath the surface, so to speak. Creative customers would really be disappointed if they weren’t able to equip a customized sofa in a way that suits them,” explains Mr. Schroeder, discussing the vast variety of high-quality textiles.

And the selection certainly is sizeable. The company then went on to contact weaving mills with production operations in Germany or neighboring European countries – after all, it was important to keep sustainability and the sofa production process in mind. We finally decided on the renowned manufacturers ROHI, DE PLOEG and JAB ANSTOETZ. While these traditional companies may have different characteristics, the one thing that unites them is their high quality standards. They manufacture textiles for frequent and long-term use. To do this, they use high-quality and innovative raw materials, which they process with the utmost care. Fabrics that fit in perfectly with the Cubit sofa concept can be combined time and again, so new additions can be enjoyed for an entire lifetime.

JAB ANSTOETZ is guided by the motto “Exclusive interior design based on tradition”. We selected GRASSE from the range of products the family-run company had to offer. It’s a cotton fabric that’s youthful, casual and light. Cotton is synonymous with “naturalness” like no other raw material. Woven into a skin-friendly material by Jab in Italy, it is strong, hardwearing, tear-proof and resistant to both heat and alkalis. Since the twill fabric remains light fast to a level of 5, you can rest assured that colors will not fade. The fabric also cuts an impressive figure with its low allergy potential. Details: light diagonal ribbing, soft to the touch, pleasant color spectrum.

The VILANO wool fabric comes from DE PLOEG. The Dutch weaving mill has successfully preserved the values of social management up until the present day. Indeed, it makes economical use of raw materials, shows respect for human creativity and creates designs that are both timeless and innovative. It was in precisely this spirit that VILANO was created. It is charming, warm and natural. This fabric effortlessly transports the positive properties of wool to the user. Besides heat regulation and self-cleaning aspects, the technical properties include abrasion resistance and minimal pilling tendency. It’s a fabric which is constantly regenerating itself and retains the furniture’s esthetics over a long period of time. Details: soft surface feel, brilliant colors.

On the other hand, BOLSTER – which is also from DE PLOEG – is innovative, bold and lively. Given that it’s a polyester blend, at first sight it’s the exact opposite of the manufacturer’s wool fabric. But processed in the way the Dutch do it, Bolster could easily become the darling of trendsetters. Good properties, such as the material being easy-care, crease-resistant, shrink resistant, abrasion-resistant and extremely colorful, are combined with a natural look and feel. And it’s high-quality polyester chunky yarn that makes all this possible. The fabric, with its distinctive structure, is pleasing as a plain color and beautiful when used in bi-color too. Details: coarse weave, matt finish, attractive interplay of colors.

ROHI. This one’s “made in Germany”. The manufacturer, based to the south of Munich, has been developing and producing the best-quality wool fabrics since 1933. It is now being managed by the third generation. ROHI is very proud of what it calls its “woven values”, which are clearly demonstrated with NOVUM – it’s an elegant, flowing and domineering fabric. Besides the outstanding properties of worsted merino wool, the manufacturer trusts its own special treatment to prevent shrinkage and pilling. Low flammability, durability, breathability and dirt-repelling properties are the natural aspects of NOVUM’s quality. Once processed, the fabric’s color brilliance and light fastness are truly a delight to see, while the ears benefit from the fabric’s sound-absorbing properties. Details: medium-coarse fabric | slight sheen | universal color spectrum.

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