Best of Cubit: Over five meters of color and lots of storage space

Best of Cubit: Over five meters of color and lots of storage space

Guillemette and Ismaël from the South of France are the winners of the Best of Cubit Award. Their Cubit creation: a huge shelf consisting of multiple parts and made of colorful open and closed modules.


Hulk green, coral red, atlantic blue – the many vibrant-colored modules make the French couple’s shelf into a real eye-catcher. “The big shelf is the first thing you see when entering our living room, and it lightens the mood”, says Guillemette. Its main section is more than five meters wide and takes up the whole northern wall of the library, which is an integral part of the spacious living room. It is complemented by a loosely-arranged multimedia shelf at the side wall. The total of 79 modules provide lots of storage space – for books, DVDs and CDs. Even the small hi-fi system fits in perfectly.

27400JB_Klepal_II 27400JB_Klepal_III

Furniture planning takes time

„It was important for us that the room fits in with the rest of the house”, explains Ismaël. They designed the house together with an architect, with a lot of attention to detail. The style: a lot of wood in combination with color. “The decision for Cubit was well thought through and important”, says Guillemette, “Because we picked up the Cubit colors in all other rooms as well.” The design of the big shelf took months: the couple made several different drafts, tested color and material samples and reconsidered their decisions over and over. Ismaël is convinced: “When you’re planning furniture, it is important not to rush. That’s what’s great about Cubit’s configurator: you can edit your design again and again – even over a longer period of time. That way we could experiment until the shelf looked exactly the way we wanted it to.”



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