Cubit®– without making a sound: Seven pastel shades for the shelf system

Cubit®– without making a sound: Seven pastel shades for the shelf system

Just in time for spring, this Cubit® shelving system is showing off its delicate color scheme. From now on, these pastel tones complement our black, white and clear colors. In detail: There are three shades of green, two shades of blue and two of rose. These pastel shades are perfect for combining – either with each other or with other favorite colors. Creations with wood surfaces will especially profit from the wonderful airiness of these new shades.   

“Grizzly” toddles off

Of course Cubit® really gets which colors our clients are looking for. Grizzly's warm brown has not been ordered for a while, so it's taking a little break in production. By the way, this is a perfect example of the straightforward decision-making skills in Cubit®. Trends can be realized quickly because the design team and production work together hand-in-hand.

All modules in all colors

 It can go either way: All elements of the CD modules or the spacious large-book shelf modules are available in the new color scheme. “We are completely blown away by the results when combining pastel colors with the stand. These color nuances emphasize the lightness of smaller pieces of furniture”, Thomas Reichel says. The founder of Cubit® and his design team only implement those pieces that work well with the overall concept. So it is only natural that the soft colors fit so perfectly to the fabric lines of the Cubit sofas ...

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