Current color trends: how to make them look best in your home

Current color trends: how to make them look best in your home

Colors improve your mood and liven up your home. Good thing bright and pastel shades alike are right on trend for 2017 – including fresh green, rich yellow, fiery red and soft pink. With modular furniture, these colors can be used in a totally customized way – as a fresh splatter of color or monochrome attention-grabber. Cubit’s expert designers will explain what effect the colors that are currently on trend have and give you tips on how to best use them.

"Grey easy chair with sunshine yellow cushions  "Interior with yellow easy chair, wall shelf and sideboard

Radiant yellow brings light and vitality into the home. For example, a sunny shade looks particularly nice as paint splatters on gray or white. But yellow can also create strikingly lovely living environments when combined with vibrant colors like blue. Tip: If you add color accents to other home accessories, you can create harmonious notes.

"Orange corner seat with light grey pouffe in front of wall shelf ""Medium height sideboard in bright red "

Fiery orange or red: Orange and red are colors that send a signal. They surprise the eye and rouse interest. When used correctly, they can convey warmth and coziness at the same time. They look great with solid colors, gray, white or wood. But they can even work well with other shades of red or orange. Tip: Small pieces of furniture like sideboards or individual armchairs make a strong impression in red or orange.

"Pink sideboard with open and closed modules ""Interior with armchairs in pink in front of wall shelf "

Soft rose or vivid pink: Rosy shades aren’t “just” for girls. Modern shapes with straight lines remove the “childish” aspect from the color, giving it more style as well. Soft or striking, as a single accent or as part of a mixture: Pink can look great in just about any space! Tip: Colorful furniture looks best when set against a neutral wall.

"Small sideboard in white and wood in front of green wall ""Mini-sideboard in green, blue and grey "

Green is the color of the year, and a panoply of green shades are appearing in home furnishings, too. The natural color radiates relaxation and harmony, whether as a piece of furniture, plant or wall color. Green has a particularly fresh effect when used in combination with white, but it also looks great with wooden furnishings, with the color gray or in contrast to other bright colors. Tip: A multicolored shelf is an eye-catcher in its own right, so its contents should be more subdued in color.

"Interior with grey sofa and cushions in petrol blue ""Children’s room with pastel colored bedside table and wall shelf "

Airy blue: At the moment, blue is also showing off everything it can do, from soft sky blue to petrol. Depending on the shade, it can be airy and vivacious or have a calming effect. Blue pairs well with white or gray, but the color can also look great in combination with others. Tip: In small rooms, muted colors and/or individual accents look better. Large rooms with high ceilings, on the other hand, can handle more color. 

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