Design Award “Focus Silver” for the Cubit Sofa

Design Award “Focus Silver” for the Cubit Sofa

Baden-Württemberg’s state prize for design – the Focus Open Baden-Württemberg International Design Award – has been awarded in what’s called the “little country” for the past 24 years. This colloquial diminishment of the culturally and economically successful federal state seems to be the concept: Be proud of your achievements, but communicate them in a reserved way. So too functions the internationally renowned design competition. Its hosts position it as encouraging, fair, and, in a positive sense, informal. This position is appreciated by designers and businesses from around the world. They submit their product developments, on the market no longer than two years, into 18 different categories. There are no preliminaries – the jury judges every work.

Design and Modularity Win Over Just as Well as Workmanship

In Category 6, “Living,” the international, six-person jury awarded two Special Mentions and three Focus Silvers – one of which for the Cubit sofa. The reasoning: “A very lovely system, whose uniquely proportioned elements are fun to combine. Also exciting is the contrast between simple volumes and the concise structures of the coverings, which line up very cleanly on the undersurface.” The person who wrote this really was curious; they didn’t just sit on the Cubit sofa. They touched, moved, and turned. And so it should be: the sofa invites playful handling.

In Good Company: Exhibition for the Competition

“The jury really did have fun with the Cubit sofa,” rejoiced Cubit’s chief designer Olaf Schroeder,  “Besides all our happiness – an award like this reflects the spirit of the design tradition in Baden-Württemberg. As Dr. Nils Schmid (MdL) analogously put it in the commemorative publication on Focus Open: Industry in Southwest Germany utilizes design as a differentiating and competitive factor. Designers there occupy positions in early phases of product development. I think the Cubit sofa’s high functionality really struck a chord with the jury.”

After the prizes are awarded on October 16th, 2015, all winning products and designs will be displayed in the MIK Museum in Ludwigsburg, Germany from October 17th until November 22nd, 2015. It’s absolutely worth the visit, as you don’t see such a focused overview of prominent international product developments every day.

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