German Design Award 2016 - The Shelving Unit and Sofa from Cubit® are nominated

German Design Award 2016 - The Shelving Unit and Sofa from Cubit® are nominated

It is young and already established: The German Design Award. Since 2012, it has honored innovative products, their manufacturers and designers; it moves the design-oriented economy. The prizes are awarded by the German Design Council, an authority on good design. Ergonomics, functionality and usability, overall concept, sustainability ... these are just some of the criteria by which the high-caliber jury will evaluate the nominees and submitted works from July 30 to July 31, 2015. The grounds of the Messe Frankfurt will be transformed into the hotspot of the design world on those days, and Cubit® will be a part of it.

The nomination itself is already a small award

"The nomination is a great acknowledgment of our innovative and sustainable furniture concept" rejoiced Thomas Reichel and Minou Farkhondeh, founders of the label. "This is already a small award in itself.” Olaf Schroeder, industrial designer and head of the design team of Mymito GmbH, added. "In particular, the purist design focuses on functionality. With clear lines, the modules excitingly combine different sizes and uses and still appear harmonious."

Numerous criteria and one goal: Modularity

The modular furniture from Cubit® simply embodies many of the evaluative criteria of the prize with the term "modularity". This principle is consistently implemented. Online-based sales also support this. It generates maximum quality at realistic prices. Whether this overall concept convinced the jury? Many customers are already convinced. They live out their personal style with shelves and sofas from Cubit®. For Cubit®, that’s the biggest and best prize.

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