Hotel bar: modular and communicative – a hotel in the Westerwald chooses the Cubit sofa for its new lounge concept

Hotel bar: modular and communicative – a hotel in the Westerwald chooses the Cubit sofa for its new lounge concept

All kind of possibilities in one single place – the holiday und activity resort Zugbrücke Grenzau in the Westerwald offers room for sport and relaxation as well as for meetings and events: all under the four-star superior level. Olaf Gstettner and his family are second-generation hosts at this private hotel. The hotel’s portfolio of services is defined by its closeness to nature: “You can see the wood for the trees” is the motto here. The clear, well-established architecture of the house is particularly suitable for the expression of emotions and individuality. The overall concept invites you to become acquainted with and satisfy your personal needs. An idea that Cubit® completely subscribes to.

Experience individuality down to the smallest detail

For the planned relaunch of the Cube hotel bar Olaf Gstettner was on the lookout for new seating. And who knows, maybe the similarity of the names motivated him to cast his eye over the Cubit sofa. The modularity of the sofa system quickly won him over. He made use of the online Configurator to choose modules that were exactly tailored to the dimensions and atmosphere of the room. Every single element evokes a cube – most of them are even cuboid in shape. The composition owes its dynamism to the color contrasts. Orange and blue play with brown and green. Gstettner’s chosen form reprises in miniature the sensuous environment of the hotel.

Optimal fabric covers for the intended location

The modules were upholstered with fabrics from the Laser J range of the Italian manufacturer Fidivi. Made of 100% Polyester Trevira CS, the material showcases an intensity of color and offers plenty of comfort. The covers can easily be removed for cleaning; they also boast the best possible fire protection rating – essential for a public space like the Hotel Zugbrücke. Olaf Gstettner and his team saw for the first time at the point of delivery just how versatile the Cubit sofa is. They played with and tried out different arrangements. And guests of the Cube Bar can now experience the optimal arrangement for themselves every night of the week.

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