Modern and colorful: the London interior design duo Avocado Sweets has chosen the Cubit® shelf for their own apartment

Modern and colorful: the London interior design duo Avocado Sweets has chosen the Cubit® shelf for their own apartment

Colors can work wonders: the London interior design studio Avocado Sweets, who have won several awards, have created a bright and colorful home from an old dark apartment. A fantastic patch of color is provided by the colorful Cubit® shelving units. It enlivens the living room while offering plenty of storage space.


A special home where the whole family feels at ease – the interior designers Susie and Evros Agathou created it for themselves and their two children in London. And they did it using a gloomy old three-room apartment, which had long been empty. The design professionals’ solution: a core renovation, which, on the one hand, opened up the living space and made the apartment brighter, and, on the other hand, exposed original elements from the Victorian period, such as masonry and wooden ceilings. These features give the rooms character and atmosphere. In addition, Art Deco elements and many brightly colored highlights bring life to the home. One example is the shelving system from Cubit®.


Cubit’s modularity makes individual shelf planning possible

Susie and Evros Agathou love color. “We wanted an apartment that was colorful and fun, but at the same time stylish and functional,” says Evros Agathou. The designers discovered the Cubit® modular shelving system in a residential magazine while searching for storage space and a TV unit for the living room. “The flexibility of the system, in particular, immediately appealed to us. This let us plan our living room shelves according to our wishes and needs. At the same time, of course, good quality was important to us - especially with hinges and drawers. You can see that all of the Cubit® modules are handmade,” says Susie Agathou.



Colorful shelving units produce a cheerful mood

The London designers used 61 shelving modules of different sizes and depths and in ten different colors - from canary yellow to ice blue – to construct a large shelf that goes across the entire living room wall. It also serves as a TV unit and provides storage space for books, CDs, and other objects. The bright colors match each other perfectly and at the same time fit very well with the colorful light bulbs that illuminate the room. Susie Agathou: “Colors bring warmth and personality to a room. This was especially important to us in the living room. The Cubit® shelf is a huge colorful wall, and puts me in a good mode - even on rainy days.”

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