Modularity – Presented consistently by Cubit  at the IMM in Cologne

Modularity – Presented consistently by Cubit at the IMM in Cologne

January in Cologne: First and foremost, this means walking, walking, and even more walking. From exhibitor to exhibitor at the IMM International Interiors Show. And from location to location on the accompanying design program Passagen. Fitness combined with curiosity pays off above all for fans of innovative living ideas, because we are presenting our Cubit  label at three different locations at the same time – demonstrating our point of view that "modern is modular".

Bits for living at IMM 2015. The modular living world of Cubit  with the new sofa

The shelves were just the beginning. With the Cubit  label, we provide the appropriate furniture for a flexible and independent lifestyle. The sofa continues this vision. It consists of five basic modules. Their elements – the bits – can be structured individually in terms of dimensions, shape and surface. And: The modules can always be rearranged in the available space. And also, of course, at our trade fair stand, H028 in Hall 02.2. Here, we focus on the features of our new innovation. There will be no tool for assembly (this is standard with Cubit ), no music, and not even catering here. Just a few shelf elements, the curiosity of the visitors, and the Cubit  sofa. And our employees, who are happy to explain everything to you... not that it’s really necessary with this intuitive product.

Bits for chilling at Passagen 2015. With mach parat, the specialist for online applications, the Cubit  lounge with the sofa provides for relaxation 

What do we value in our partners on matters of digital communication? mach parat designs products according to similar values as we do: Simplicity supports intuitive handling, personality makes it attractive, love for detail creates quality, and user-friendliness reinforces the relationship. People who think and act like this are also fans of our furniture. Jan-Philipp Behrens and Volker Neumann, the owners, are happy to demonstrate this, and invite you to the Cubit  lounge from the 19th to the 25th of January from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm as part of Passagen. The new sofa can be tested here in person. Perhaps with a cocktail in your hand? mach parat will make it possible on January 22nd from 6:00 pm. There will be delicious drinks and information to be had at the cocktail evening.

Selected for the Stylepark Featured Editions, Cubit  will have an exclusive installation from artist Evangelos Papadopoulos

The idea of Featured Editions is to show furniture in a new context, and Cubit  is among the brands selected for this promotion in 2015. Indeed: We will not show any furniture, but instead, will show an installation from artist Evangelos Papadopoulos. To us, he embodies the idea of modularity. At the event, he will break a gypsum cardboard carton, an ordinary construction material, and will turn it into a dynamically flowing design. From every perspective, it seems new and especially never ornamental.

Papadopoulos has worked in the Mymito GmbH showroom in the past, where his spacious sculpture reacts intuitively with the architecture, atmosphere, and equipment of the space. On this, he says, "The installation manifests two important ubiquitous principles of our world: The joining of individual elements and their growth process in their respective surroundings. This is exactly how the Cubit  elements behave. They increasingly add to an individual and unique shape formation."

We purposely selected this radical performance as part of the featured editions. High quality? It's not just material and processing at Cubit ; it's also our artistic, positive, and unconventional handing of design, suitable for everyday life.

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