New – Cubit  sofa and website

New – Cubit sofa and website

Welcome! The Cubit sofa is the latest addition to our world of furnishings. Like our shelves, it’s modular, puristic and diverse. And best of all, it’s completely manufactured in North Rhine-Westphalia!

The clever connector system means that you can design the sofa the way you want it and assemble it without the need for any tools. It connects the high-quality elements for the seating cushion, armrests or backrest to create a sofa that is truly unique. It’s fun when used on its own or has an impressive look about it when used as a group of seats or as a furniture landscape.

What about the dimensions? Well, the choice is yours. Slim and light weight, or solid and dominant? Linear or modulated? The Cubit sofa can be ideally assembled using individual modules to create the atmosphere you’re after and to meet your personal comfort preferences.

Now, there’s still something missing. What is it? The color, of course! It’s the reason why Cubit  is so popular and what it has become known for. This sofa wonderfully combines both color and fabrics. We’ve discovered expressive and durable textiles from four specially selected European manufacturers. They are custom-made for each sofa and add that special touch to the arrangement that’s unique to you.

Finally, the online design process using the configurator shows you what suits and what goes – just like it did with the shelves (we’re more than happy to use the configurator again, because it really does work!). You can use it to assemble and order your dream sofa. It’s foolproof!

Our redesigned website illustrates this and many other details. It’s more than just an online shop. It guides visitors through the Cubit  world of furnishings, provides inspiration and explains the Cubit  vision. And of, course, our modular furniture is only sold online, which saves time and gives plenty freedom. And it’ll soon become fairly obvious that high design and production quality is available on the Internet too. From us, at least. Welcome!

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