Special Mention for the Cubit Sofa at the German Design Award 2016

Special Mention for the Cubit Sofa at the German Design Award 2016

Joy over the “Focus Silver” award for the Cubit sofa, conferred as part of the “Focus Open 2015 Baden-Württemberg International Design Award,” continued as more good news was in store: Special Mention at the German Design Award 2016 – also for the sofa. The whole team had to take a seat!

Award as a Positive Sign for the Industry and Consumers

The nomination for the German Design Award already has a place in public perception. Only products and communication design services of high artistic quality are invited to participate. This latest award confirms Cubit’s position as an innovative and sustainable label in the design industry, and strengthens the consumer’s choice in products.

Modularity and “Made in Germany” are Convincing

One can assume that the top-caliber jury concentrated intensively on the sofa system. Turning, shifting, rearranging. Feeling, sitting, looking. All of the Cubit sofa’s visual and haptical attributes can be grasped quickly – and they impressed at the jury’s session on July 30th-31st, 2015. Criteria such as ergonomics, functionality and operability, overall concept, and sustainability were all met. Very enjoyable: The “Made in Germany” aspect scored very well in an extremely international entrant field.

Award Presentation as Part of Ambiente 2016

The German Design Council has bestowed its coveted awards since 2012, and has a strong partner in the Frankfurt Trade Fair. The international trend show “Ambiente” is the German Design Council’s presentation platform – throughout the course of the fair it carries the products’ and communication design services’ messages out into the world.

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