Store your records with the Cubit® shelf and sideboard

Store your records with the Cubit® shelf and sideboard

The modules of our shelf and sideboard systems are always designed according to the maxim “form follows function”. As such, the dimensions of the 34 Cubit® modules have been chosen specifically to accommodate current formats of books, magazines, binders etc. as well as DVDs, CDs and LPs. For vinyl records, we have come up with three modules: LP20, OT36-24 and OT36-16. The LP20 shelf module lets you store around 40 records. “20” indicates the width in centimeters. The “OT36-24” module can hold up to 68 records. “OT” stands for “Open Top” and “36-24” indicates the width and height in centimeters. So “OT36-16” is a smaller version of the “OT36-24” module.

Examples of Cubit® furniture specially designed for storing vinyl records can be found below. This little sideboard for records consists of a hi-fi module and the OT36-24 module. Here, the top surface of the hi-fi module is used as a stand for a record turntable.


Thanks to its door, the hi-fi module lets you conceal the amplifier.


White, black, canary yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, turquoise, gray, pink… As is the case with other formats, the modules for records are available in 23 colors and 4 wood veneers (walnut, volcanic oak, amber oak, graphite oak).


In the following configuration, the “Open Top” module has been replaced by two LP20s.


This photo of the same piece of furniture for vinyl records shows a rear view of the hi-fi module. A wide opening at the back makes it easy to pass cables through.


Thanks to the wall attachment system, you can also create a wall shelf with a refined design for your LPs. This line-up consists of four LP20s.


Another idea: a shelf designed for records, a turntable, magazines and ornaments at the same time.


DJs will appreciate this Cubit® furniture, which can accommodate two turntables, a mixing deck and numerous LPs arranged in three LP20 modules and an OT36-24 module.


To design your customized furniture for vinyl records, please go to our configurator.




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