The modular living world from Cubit® grows with caution and with fun: four new elements for the shelving system

The modular living world from Cubit® grows with caution and with fun: four new elements for the shelving system

The idea of modular living is already good in itself. Cubit® wants to build on this year on year. That is why four more elements for the shelving system are being released in Autumn 2015: The stand for the sideboard, base for improved placement options, the Hifi module and the On top module. All of them have a practical function and at the same time, generate creative impulses.

The first addition that will catch the eye of Cubit fans is the stand for sideboards. Made of oak, it is available with both straight and slightly sloping legs. This can be used to position any combination of shelf modules. This gives rise to sideboards, entertainment furniture, side tables, games is possible to combine the stands with shelf modules without tools – as you have come to expect from Cubit® – using the connector system. The shelves are thus granted a real lightness; this makes them stand out visually and sensorially from modules that are fixed, ‘floating’ on the wall. Small furniture consisting of a stand plus shelf modules can be repositioned in the room according to your needs.

The new bases, designed for use with shelves, are literally ‘uplifting’. They work by leveling out uneven ground; they also provide room to maneuver if the shelf is positioned in front of a skirting board. The bases are available in all Cubit colors and veneers and add a classic touch to the shelf.

Sideboard module and base are as practical as they are innovative

The new ‘Hifi’ and ‘On top’ modules demonstrate how everything works together and exponentiates exactly with Cubit®. The Hifi module has a large rear-opening for cables. The front is closed with a door opening downwards. This opens by means of a tip-on mechanism, providing space for receivers.

The On top module is like a chest with the top open and has the traditional slits being able to be connected as usual. It works just like a crate and is perfect for hoarders. Socks, games, drinks and records all find a good home here. You can browse through everything easily, and nothing gets lost. The On top module can crown low-slung shelves and works equally well as a side table on the new stand. Also here: The new additions come in all colors and veneers – order now.

Cubit® responds to customer requests...and some are awoken

Cubit customers ask for base and Hifi modules again and again. In answer to the question why these practical elements are only appearing now: Cubit® works in manufacturing quality. Each new product is developed and produced with care and attention. One thing that Cubit® pays real attention to in our fast-paced lives and that is honored by customers.

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