Well connected

Well connected

Made in Germany – this characteristic of quality is currently in trend, and Cubit® is one of the manufacturers that take it seriously. It goes without saying that the Cubit sofa was developed with the proviso of being manufactured in Germany. Head of Design, Olaf Schroeder and Cubit co-founder Thomas Reichel looked for suitable partners in a traditional furniture producing region: East Westphalia.

This is where they met Dietmar Hillemeier – interior designer, master upholsterer who founded his own company in 1996 and who now manages a six-man team. He joined the project in March 2014, bringing all of his expertise and technical skill with him. The first patterns for the under covers and the top covers took shape in his workshop. Together with designer Olaf Schroeder and Helga Vöge from HV Nähtechnik – the neighboring company sews the covers – he ascertained the perfect place for the connector element between seat and backrest, for example. “It was a very constructive and team-oriented process. The regular personal fine-tuning was very conducive. That only works if you manufacture locally,” the upholstery expert ascertains with hindsight.

For each module he designed a matching pattern on the computer. A difficult task, since the range of models is extremely large in the case of a Cubit sofa. The fabric is then accurately tailored to the millimeter, in line with this specification, using a digitally controlled cutter machine. HV-Nähtechnik then produces the cover. Dietmar Hillemeier finishes the job by putting all the components together. “The modules consist of foam with a density of 50; that means: 50 kilograms per cubic meter. The trade recommends a density of 35...so the quality of a Cubit sofa is also evident here,” praises Dietmar Hillemeier. “The foam is delivered to us having been tailored precisely to our needs. I fit it with the under-cover, connect the different elements and then cover the entire module in the fabric the customer ordered. This is how we check that everything fits perfectly. We partially dismantle the sofa for shipping.”

Dietmar Hillemeier also happens to be a ‘Gestalter im Handwerk’, a trained artist who designs functional objects. He has an eye for shape and color; advises his customers on how to restore upholstered furniture in a stylish and individual manner. “I am a big fan of the intense fabric colors on the Cubit sofa. It is a pleasure to cut out the covers for each element of the sofa. Picturing how this hand-made module will look in a living room later is very satisfying.”

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