We’ve got it covered

We’ve got it covered

The modular sofa by Cubit® is entirely manufactured in Germany; to be precise, in Eastern Westphalia. Cubit® partner HV Näh- und Polstertechnik, based in Delbrück, accompanied the development of the product every step of the way and now makes all the covers.

Owner Helga Vöge has been running the company since 2005. She learned the art of tailoring from scratch and is in demand as a specialist for custom-made items and for series productions in fabric and leather. For that purpose she has invested in modern technology and a qualified team of 45 people.

“When I was growing up all the women in the family used to sew, and I soon realized that I enjoyed it too,” Helga Vöge recalls. From her enthusiasm arose expertise: having completed her apprenticeship as a tailor, attended a textile college and subsequently achieved certification from the REFA association, Helga Vöge – who had by now also gained experience in women's outerwear – made the switch to the upholstery trade. She describes the development of the trade thus: “Seating is fulfilling more and more functions; mechanisms for individual settings. This means of course that producers of covers have to satisfy more and more requirements.” One of the beneficiaries of this expertise was the Cubit® development team. Industrial designer Olaf Schroeder, creator of the new Cubit sofa, sought HV Näh- und Polstertechnik for an exchange of views at an early stage. “The development took a whole year. For instance, we played around with various ideas for the edges. Hard to believe now when you look at the purist design. But that’s where the art comes in: reduction in the right place is what makes the design functional and aesthetic. And we had to find a solution that didn’t only look good but could also be produced in series.”

The Cubit sofa doesn’t derive its individually tailored seating comfort from mechanical upgradability but instead from a system that comprises some 600 modules that are simplicity itself to assemble. Every sofa – from the most delicate to the most flamboyant – derives added stability from a form-fitted cover from the workshop of HV Näh- und Polstertechnik. “The Cubit fabric selection is outstanding. In all areas – quality, appearance, sustainability and suitability – the textiles are an absolute winner. The high quality satisfies the demands of both design and functionality.” Minou Farkhondeh, co-founder of Cubit® and interior designer, was brought in to help test a lot of patterns – and the partners were able to rely on each other’s judgment.

“At HV Näh- und Polstertechnik love of detail meets specialist expertise,” says Cubit co-founder Thomas Reichel of the cooperation. “We feel at home and secure in a region where high-quality traditional furniture is made. The cooperation has shown our decision to be the right one.” In each phase of development, including the production phase which is now underway, Thomas Reichel has appreciated the proximity to the suppliers. Personal contact helps us make effective decisions and solve problems quickly. Selling mainly online makes the high quality of a Cubit sofa affordable. A mix that makes sense.

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