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Returns / Cancellations

  • How can I return my product?

    • If a delivered item does not meet your expectations, you can return it without any problems within 14 days. Please use the right of withdrawal form.You will find further information about your right of here!

      Your opinion is important to us! Please feel free to send us any suggestions, praise or criticism you might have: contact.

  • I’ve received a damaged Cubit product – what can I do?

    • We do our best to guarantee quality, but unfortunately we can’t always prevent damages from occurring.

      Please inform our CUBIT SUPPORT TEAM without delay.

      In the event of transportation damages, i.e. obvious damages to the packaging, take a photo of the damaged module and inform the delivery man about this if possible. In this instance, you must only sign the acceptance form provided that you indicate the transport damages.

      Please help us by sending the order number, reason for your complaint and photos (please also take a photo of the packaging) and email this information to

      A Cubit employee will contact you without delay.

  • I’ve received a Cubit product that’s different to the one I ordered – what can I do?

    • We deeply regret this incorrect and wrong delivery. Please inform our CUBIT SUPPORT TEAM. We will find a solution and arrange a replacement delivery as quickly as possible.