Door/Drawer shelves

The modules with doors and drawers complement the open shelving system. Visual accents are added, or a cupboard created.

The door modules with a wood finish particularly inspire individual creations. Basically, all of the modules can be combined and connected

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Design meets usefulness: shelf combinations from Cubit


The modular shelving system offers solutions for a whole host of room situations and furnishing requirements. We’ve put together a few ideas for you – from shelf units and TV racks to corner shelves.


Get to know shelves with a sample model


At Cubit, we like to make things easy for you, which is how we came to develop the sample package. It allows you to discover the materials, colors, quality, functions and – naturally – the design of our modular shelving system at your leisure.


Cubit compact: get to know the shelf


How does the connection method work? What is it that makes the shelf a perfect fit? The modular shelf accommodates your requirements. And you can see here just how it does that:


Design the shelf realistically


Using the configurator, you can combine 34 modules and a variety of colors to create your very own personal shelf. Here's a useful tip: Information about the room size and environment is a great help during the design process.


Claudio from Milan discussing his shelves with doors and drawers

“Display beautiful things and protect personal items.”

The modular shelving system from Cubit  has arrived in Milan. In that well-renowned hub of design and lifestyle, the system serves a variety of functions for gourmet retailer Claudio. The expert in Italian delicacies welcomes an international clientele to his store, situated in the shadow of Milan Cathedral. Claudio showcases specialties from northern Italy in open modules. Connected to the delicatessen is the administrative area, where the secretaries organize confidential correspondence, advertising materials and other paraphernalia in shelves with doors and shelves with drawers.

Shelves with drawers and shelves with doors create a closed unit

“People come through our doors in droves and our customers value us as a reliable supplier of high-quality products. So the image we convey to the outside world must harmonize with that promise. Both the shelves with doors and those with drawers make for an elegant ensemble every time,” explains the trend-conscious retailer. In addition to the shelving system’s modular aspect, the delicate colors particularly were what won over the connoisseur at that time. He opted for an arrangement in a various shades of gray. The products, with their elaborate packaging, really do stand out in shelves like these. What’s more, the correspondingly colored shelves with doors and drawers form a perfect front and provide the ideal place to store supplies.

When office furniture’s used as a trade fair stand

Claudio is regularly represented at international trade fairs. The only thing he needs to hire is the exhibition space. As for the design? He handles that himself. To this end, he stacks both open modules and those with doors and drawers to create a single expressive object. “My colleagues are always amazed at how quickly we set up our presentation. And the secret behind our speed? The practical connector system. And, what’s more, we simply transport the packaged goods inside the modules. We prepare everything here in Milan and then simply set it all up at the trade fair.” One shelf with doors and one with drawers provides enough storage space for our advertising materials. And once they’ve finished assembling their stand at the trade fair, Claudio and his team have time for a chat and a delicious meal on the premises.