The stands are made to work with all shelf modules. Made of oak, the stands complement the colors and finishings of Cubit®. Straight or slanted legs?  Narrow or wide? The stand expands design possibilities and allows you to create individualized sideboards.
Absolute freedom in designing your shelf - thanks to the modular shelf system. All shelf modules can be freely combined with each other to offer the right solution for every living space . The configurator will show you how it is done

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Design meets usefulness: shelf combinations from Cubit


The modular shelving system offers solutions for a whole host of room situations and furnishing requirements. We’ve put together a few ideas for you – from shelf units and TV racks to corner shelves.


Get to know shelves with a sample model


At Cubit, we like to make things easy for you, which is how we came to develop the sample package. It allows you to discover the materials, colors, quality, functions and – naturally – the design of our modular shelving system at your leisure.


Cubit compact: get to know the shelf


How does the connection method work? What is it that makes the shelf a perfect fit? The modular shelf accommodates your requirements. And you can see here just how it does that:


Design the shelf realistically


Using the configurator, you can combine 34 modules and a variety of colors to create your very own personal shelf. Here's a useful tip: Information about the room size and environment is a great help during the design process.


Surprisingly new ideas thanks to the shelving module stand – Maik and Janina report

Maik and Janina are incredibly loyal: to each other, and to Cubit®. The Dusseldorf natives have been fans of the modular living label since day one. Back then, they were still students and were able to capitalize on every inch of their dorm thanks to the modular shelving system. They have since moved twice and started their professional careers. Now they have a nice little house on the banks of the Rhine – a real dream home. However, they are being very careful with the generous space on offer. They have cleverly extended and reinstalled the shelf from their student days. It is partly being used as a book shelf in the study. The rest has been arranged in such a way that it provides excellent service under the stairs down to the basement. “It’s just great that Cubit® makes a stand now,” Janina wrote in an email to the Cubit team. “We have a totally new spark for designing our home now.”

Sideboard, bedside table or bar? The stand opens a whole range of possibilities

It goes without saying that the principle is as simple as it is impressive – in other words, real Cubit®. Each stand has a storage surface that curves up at the back and takes on the role of connector for the shelving system. This means that all shelf modules can be placed on the board. Modules for books fit just as well as those for entertainment. “I found it particularly exciting that I could take the hifi system out of the shelf unit and then build an extra sideboard to hold it,” Maik recalls. In order to make this happen, he ordered two hifi modules as well as the stand and placed a top module above it for records. In the bedroom, they have each put together a bedside table consisting of a stand, drawer and top module. The broad color palette from Cubit® is very accommodating in this respect. While the first shelf was designed in pure white, Maik and Janina select powerful shades for in between.

The stand comes with straight or slightly angled legs

Identical modules, identical colors, and yet the impression is quite different: The stand comes with straight or slightly angled legs. When deciding which suits better, it is a question of the space available and the desired visual effect. Made from oak, the stand can be combined with all of the colors and veneers of the Cubit shelves to great effect. This gives rise to exclusive small furniture that adds charm to any room.