Sorry, due to statutory fire protection conditions we can’t deliver our sofas to the UK.

Form follows Function

We have high standards when it comes to esthetics, functionality and material quality, and we consistently raise the bar with every new project. We lay the foundation for customized living – after all, it’s the customer who decides what their new piece of furniture will look like. This approach of ours works because we give our customers the exceptional opportunity to combine puristic design with a multitude of dimensions, colors and surfaces – thus creating furniture that’ll last a lifetime and that’s capable of adapting to any room situation. Form follows function? Yes, in discourse with the lifestyle of our digitalized world.

Large white shelving system with many books photographed angularly

Never-changing: our high standards. Ever-changing: your furniture.

The modular furniture systems can be clearly arranged for a digital overview. So your very own unique piece of furniture takes shape bit by bit. “Bits for Living” is what Cubit named its concept of creating simply superb furnishing worlds from the smallest of design units. Every bit can be individually selected and combined with other bits. Furniture is created bit by bit, whether it’s used as an eye-catching stand-alone element or as part of a far greater landscape. In the end, it’s really all about your personal preferences.

Cubit® is at home online

Cubit is only available online. Direct selling means that our customers receive high-quality, sustainably produced furniture systems at fair prices. The custom-made furniture is inspired, selected and realized digitally; nothing detracts from your personal preferences and requirements. You make your decision in the place you feel most comfortable: at home. This method of furnishing goes hand-in-hand with a modern and straightforward lifestyle. Our sample package makes everything perfect. It gives customers an initial impression of the esthetics, quality and functionality of the product. It’s the first step into Cubit ’s individual world of furnishing.

Single shelf module in wood swatch on pedestal with clock
Colourful shelving system and sofa freely standing in large hall

No tools but plenty of know-how

Minou Farkhondeh and Thomas Reichel, the founders of Cubit , have kept a very close watch on trends and traditions. Minimalism – whether in terms of design or sales – doesn’t equate to limitations, but instead to esthetics and comfort. By carefully selecting its materials and production sites, the brand is able to move further down the path to optimal sustainability. Together with designer Olaf Schoeder and the committed Cubit team, the two founders are working on their vision: namely, to achieve true modularity in the home.