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2-seater sofas

The 2-seater sofa is a classic in terms of cosiness but in the Cubit® design it is always smart. You decide whether your 2-seater should be casually low or comfortably high. Does it have armrests or is it entirely plain? Try it out with the configurator. Talking about trying out: test the sample sofa at home. You can combine the seats and the backrests of the two armchairs and you will notice how easy it is to remove the covers or how they look in your space.

31 Examples

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Excitingly symmetrical: 2-seater with 2 cushions and 2 shades of blue
Two corner armchairs with a practical seat height
Daybed with a slanting silhouette
Chaise-longue plus an elegant corner chair element
Grey sofa with high backrests
Sofa with a skyline silhouette
Grey 2-seater sofa with grey and blue cushions
Light blue 2-seater sofa with colourful cushions
Individual style: modern living room with two daybeds, face to face.
Relaxing duett: 2-seater as chaise lounge
Sofa with attractive texture
A comfortable two-seater thanks to the high seat
2-seater with skyline look
Grey 2-seater sofa with high backrests
Two sofas, back to back, for enhanced communication
One chair with room for two: our armchair as a 2-seater sofa
A two-seater with a purist design
Extra long: orange daybed with ottoman and purple cushion
From above: yellow carpet in front of grey 2-seater sofa
A charming chaise-longue with asymmetrical layout
High backrests add a stylish touch to the compact sofa
Free-standing sofa with ottoman orange and grey
Communicative: two 2-seater sofas with ottoman as a table
Corner module and ottoman forming a cool combination
Grey sofa, black cat and side table
Face to face: two daybeds in beige and grey
Armchair-duett in complementary colours
Naturally beautiful: modular 2-seater in green
Charming restraint for the two-seater sofa
Modular 2-seater in cool elegance
2-seater sofa with ottoman in green and grey