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The Cubit® armchair can be individually configured from narrow to expansive. Give the modern armchair the optically and ergonomically perfect form using the online planner. The elements of the armchair are available in different heights and depths. The flexibility of the sizes makes the Cubit® sofa so attractive. You can design seating furniture for small rooms as well as for spacious lofts. A variety of fabrics and a large range of cushions make the living experience perfect.

22 Examples

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Communicative: two 2-seater sofas with ottoman as a table
This armchair is also impressive on its own
Soloist: grey sofa with orange and pink cushions
An extremely comfortable sofa bed
Red armchair in front of brightly coloured shelving
A corner armchair with a high backrest
Chair element with a low seat
Cosy: pink armchair and cushions and extra-high backrests
Sofa module in pink with yellow cushion
Pink sofa with pink ottoman
Enjoy maximum relaxation with chaise longue and corner module
Yellow, modular sofa with cushions and playing children
Simple soloist: grey sofa in the living room
Supersize armchair with a narrow seat
Grey armchair with blue cushion in living room
Red armchair with ottoman and colourful cushions
Chaise longue for two
Mixed styles: modern green sofa with old map of the world and sideboard
Cosy reading lounge: grey sofas with side table
Bar with blue sofa, cushions and side tables
Armchair with high backrest in front of fireplace
Children having a pillow fight on 4-seater sofa group