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Shelving for alcoves, doors & windows

You have an alcove in which a bookcase would look great? Or free space at a higher level for shelving around door or window frames? With the modular shelving system by Cubit® even the smallest alcoves can be used effectively – without the need for elaborate made to measure furniture. Our modular shelving fills up almost any corner bit by bit. Whether the wall or alcove shelving unit is open or closed, whether suspended or floor standing, is entirely up to you. Our tip: mount the rectangular modules horizontally and vertically and combine the different depths of the shelving units. In doing so, narrow, shallow or high shelving units develop with the exact dimensions for your requirements. By the way, the modular shelving system by Cubit® is not only great for small apartments with many alcoves and corners. A spacious loft can also be well structured with a Cubit® shelving unit.

36 Examples

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Practical shelving in pink
White floor-standing shelving in a loft
Practical shelving system in white and grey
Creative stackable shelving in white and oak
Wall-mounted shelving with doors in white (, yellow, and green)
Pink shelving tower
A perfect balance of practical use and aesthetics: book shelving for alcoves
Shelving unit for the TV, DVDs and CDs
Book shelving with plinth and clear central axis: perfect for alcoves
Shelving with base frame, perfect for alcoves
Modular shelving system in white
Modular shelving system in white
Colourful: shelving tower in pink and red
A perfect balance of practical use and aesthetics: book shelving for alcoves
As if it were made to measure: modular shelving system in white
TV unit in white
Modern-looking office shelving
Modular shelving system with plinth in wood veneer and pink
Narrow shelving in shades of blue
White shelving in a home office
Narrow shelving for alcoves in the New Nordic look
Shelving unit for difficult room situations
Modern design shelving system composed of blue-green shelving modules
Narrow, colourful high shelving
Multimedia unit in white
Shelving for folders
Lack of space? Shelving above a door frame in shades of blue
Wall-mounted shelving for books and DVDs
Individual MDF shelving as door surround
Sculptural and mad-to-measure floor-standing shelving combination
Adaptable shelving system for door surround
Colourful shelving cube for child’s room
An unusual shelving combination in green
Shelving under staircase in white
Shelving system for alcoves and doors
New Nordic: book shelving in shades of pastel with clear contours