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Modular sofa - not just for the living room

Our modular sofa is available in more than 300 sizes and 239 colors. Its minimalist design adapts to all needs. This means you can design your sofa (almost) to measure.

100% modular & made in Germany

Patented system.
Can be placed freely thanks to the anti-slip. 

Pleasant, long-lasting seating comfort

Various widths, heights and depths for sitting, lying and sleeping. 

All modules are removable

If necessary, we will supply you with new covers!  

All benefits at a glance

136 Examples

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Modular sofa in green, blue and yellow
Sofa module in pink with yellow cushion
Modular sofa in grey and pink with stool
Modular sofa with yellow cushions
Modular sofas in red, grey and orange
Graue Sofagruppe mit Récamière und flexibler Verlängerung
4-Sitzersofa in modernen Farben
Modern and pure: light grey corner sofa with chaise longue and cushions
Minimalist sofa ensemble with carpet and shelving
Corner sofa with industrial chic in loft
Light blue 2-seater sofa with colourful cushions
Red armchair with ottoman and colourful cushions
Einsitzer Sofa zum Relaxen
For every body size: blue sofas in many sizes
Grey 2-seater sofa with high backrests
Individual style: modern living room with two daybeds, face to face.
Two corner armchairs with a practical seat height
Relaxing duett: 2-seater as chaise lounge
Communicative: the L-shaped sofa in blue-grey
Straight-forward: grey 3-seater sofa with green cushions
Sofa creating an ensemble with yellow and grey
Green sofa ensemble with large, closed area
Chair element with a low seat
Corner sofa – as spacious as a sofa ensemble
Individual sofa ensemble with strong character
Live without limits: sofa ensemble in cheerful colours
An extremely comfortable sofa bed
Bright pink corner sofa
A modular sofa with a deep seat
Seating furniture that forms your very own unique island retreat
Sofa ensemble – arranged for communication
Sofa for different persectives
Sofa ensemble: no tools needed for assembly
A sofa as a triad, harmoniously combining both colour and shape
Extra-long sofa made up of four modules
Corner sofa with an extravagant design

Variety of modules - stylish and never arbitrary - create your dream sofa

Different seat, back and siderest heights meet a large selection of seat widths and depths. The right size is determined by your individual taste. With or without armrests, stools, chaise longues?

Additional sofa elements such as the corner elements make the sofa system versatile. Ideally suited to modern requirements for mobility and sustainability.

Download overview of sizes (PDF)

Each sofa consists of individual elements, allowing for a personalized sectional sofa. This means it can be easily changed and expanded. Individual elements or new fabric covers can be reordered at any time.

Large selection of 10 robust, very high quality fabrics in 239 colors

The collection consists of various durable and easy-care fabrics. Depending on the type of fabric, the fabrics meet the highest requirements in terms of:

  • Scrub tours
  • Light fastness
  • acoustics and
  • Fire protection

You can mix the collection within one configuration to create your dream sofa! We provide free fabric samples for an initial overview . For a small fee you can order all 239 fabric samples. 

View sofa fabrics

Sofa fabrics in various colors and materials Order fabric samples online

From sofa modules to modular corner sofa

Take all the time in the world to discover the wide range of possibilities in peace and quiet, including our range of modular sofas. The 5 basic types can each be configured in a wide variety of widths, heights and depths.

  • Back
  • Corner
  • Chaise longue
  • Armchairs and stools

Find the right set-up for your new modular sofa, depending on your needs. How should it look? Stylish, lush, compact, expansive, functional? Best suited for the living area, the lounge, the office? You name it, we've got it!

Configure sofa

Modular sofa configurator - Put together your sofa online with just a few clicks

Modular sofa with high seating comfort & flexible like you!

Multiple layers of different densities make the sectional sofa very comfortable and stable at the same time. The backrests are attached to the seat elements using molded wooden elements.

What requirements do you have for your perfect sofa? Should you sit upright, wait or lie down? Depending on your body size and intended use, there are different requirements for your modular sofa.

Sofa modules to create your own individual dream sofa

This is what our customers say about their new sofa

icon quote"Shortly after the introduction, I ordered a Cubit sofa at the beginning of 2015 and haven't regretted it to this day. One of the sofa elements was badly damaged at a party. Replacing the cover in a new color was uncomplicated. Just keep it up!" - Tim S. from Düsseldorf

icon quote"We are a pretty active household and need constant change. Our 7 sofa modules are rearranged every quarter. Our daughter currently has two modules in her room. We will probably be ordering a corner sofa for our new living room soon." - Eva K. from Bremen

icon quote"I commute between Berlin and Hamburg and rented a 30m2 studio next to my office in Berlin. There are two sofa modules under my loft bed. I only had an internal dimension of 180 cm and put a 100 and 80 module next to each other. Top solution for these exact requirements. .." - Mario K. from Vienna

icon quote"We have 4 poufs in the hallway - these can be converted into two guest beds if necessary. Arrange them quickly and easily, put a fitted sheet over them, and the guest bed is ready. We love this flexibility. And the sleeping comfort is impressive compared to standard guest beds." - Jakob G. from Hamburg

Various sectional sofas are suitable as a sofa bed

The Cubit modular sofa revolutionizes guest areas with its flexibility and comfort. Two poufs, whether 100x100 cm or 100x80 cm, can easily be pushed together to form a cozy guest bed. With a matching fitted sheet, the piece of furniture can be turned into a cozy guest bed in no time.

The poufs can be distributed throughout the apartment as needed. They offer a practical and space-saving sleeping option for friends. The Cubit sofa is the ideal solution for flexible living concepts thanks to its high sleeping quality and the adaptability of the stools.

Book planning service

Modular sofa that can also be converted into a sleeper sofa

Easy-care cover - completely removable and can be reupholstered with a new type of fabric if necessary

Removable: All covers of the modular sofa system can be removed and dry cleaned. Simply loosen the Velcro fasteners that connect the backrest and seat and unzip the zipper. 

Newly available: Our own production makes it possible - Are you tired of your color concept and would like a breath of fresh air in your rooms? Or has the material become dull after many years of intensive use? No problem – we will sew you new covers that you can easily attach yourself. Or you can send us a defective cover and we will repair it. 

Sofa with removable cover for easy washing and cleaning

16 CUSHIONS - matching the modules

16 different types of pillows? Crazy!

The individual pillows on our modular sofas give your sofa an additional decorative touch. From very small to very large, square, rectangular, including crease cushions for cozy sofa corners. These covers are available in all sofa fabrics.

The covers are available in all sofa fabrics. They can be adjusted and ordered in the configurator.

Comfortable sofa cushions for extra comfort and coziness

Clever anti-slip keeps your sofa together - always!

The floor surfaces of the sofa modules are completely covered with a non-slip material. This prevents your sofa from shifting when you sit down.

This is another detail of the Cubit sofa that makes the subtle difference!

Non-slip sofa with anti-slip floor for a secure hold

Buy a matching coffee table for the dream sofa

We are particularly proud of this new development. The modular coffee table from Cubit. This complements the sofa system perfectly by fitting seamlessly in height, width and depth. Whether as a soloist or between the modules. It serves as a side table, work table or shelf.

The floating look and the robust steel construction give it uniqueness.

  • oblique contour
  • in four colors
  • powder coated

To the coffee table

Coffee table, perfectly matched to your sofa in color and design

We're really happy to help - provide your requirements! 

Not enough time for the variety of sizes and colors? Our experienced team will be happy to advise you; we offer various solutions:

  • Free planning service 
  • Request fabric samples 
  • Sample sofa for 10 days to view and test out
  • Book a video consultation 

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Try it out in our showrooms?

Flexible sofa modules to create your own individual dream sofa

Designer Olaf Schroeder on the creation of this modular sofa

As the designer of the Cubit sofa, my goal was to create a piece of furniture that combines flexibility, design and sustainability. The modular structure allows the sofa to be individually adapted to the space and needs! Whether as a cozy corner to unwind or as a spacious seating area, you decide.

Cubit is more than just a stylish piece of furniture; it's a range of modular, sectional sofas. The sustainably produced living concept impresses with the possibility of replacing or renewing individual elements. This means it stays with you for a long time and adapts to your needs.

Module sofa by Olaf Schroeder - Exclusive design for your home

Cubit - modular, individual, high quality

The modular design

As a modular sofa system, Cubit is equipped with many advantages. There seem to be no limits to the design possibilities. From a variety of elements for seats, armrests and backrests, you decide what your personal seating furniture should look like. Also for unusual living situations. This happens online using a configurator.

Each module can be used individually as an armchair or in combination with others. This creates a sofa combination or a complete living area. Despite all the design richness: the Cubit sofa always shows style. Puristic design and clear lines! This gives individual creativity sufficient space and stylistic sovereignty.

Patented plug-in system and simple aesthetics

The clever, patented plug-in system is invisible at first glance. L-shaped bent timbers connect the elements and put them together stably. As a rule, the sofas arrive at you ready. You don't have to do anything.

Do you have a special living situation? A very narrow door or a narrow spiral staircase? We thought along. An oversized module can be made into the appropriate size by removing the back!

All covers are removable. They are adapted to the elements with Velcro fasteners and zippers that are not visible from the outside. This works simply and without any special skill.

Sustainable production in Germany

Sustainability is the basis of the idea of ​​Cubit's modular furniture. They adapt to every living situation! A timeless design made from high-quality and permanently stable materials. The Cubit sofa is manufactured by our own factory in East Westphalia. The region is known for its tradition of furniture manufacturing. The fabrics are ökotex-certified and the transport routes via shipping are short.

The Cubit Sofa stands for sustainability through local production in East Westphalia. Also for demand-oriented material procurement that minimizes waste. With fabrics from German, Italian and Dutch production. Direct shipping from the manufacturer to the customer reduces the ecological footprint.

The modular design allows for easy adjustments and repairs. The longevity of the sofa is promoted and waste is reduced! To design your sofa, use the Cubit configurator. Of course, you can also choose one of our sofa examples and customize it individually.

More than decoration – the cushions

The cushions form the smallest modular parts of the Cubit sofa. They always match the formats of the seating elements – from classic to extravagant. Brand new: the double pillow. Its seam allows the cushion to be folded, which easily doubles its height and changes its function.

A modular sofa can be wonderfully supplemented with any of our cushions.