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Corner sofas

Modern corner sofas offer a lot of seating comfort in any space. A corner sofa invites you to get snuggled in. You sit comfortably together and can chat away. Should the evening become too long, the corner sofa can be turned into a comfortable bed for your guests. Cubit® furniture is and stays flexible: all elements of our modular corner sofa cannot only be configured individually but can also be arranged flexibly in the room. Thanks to the non-slip underside, they stay in the desired place long term.

17 Examples

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Large corner sofa
50 shades of grey: modern sofa ensemble in grey
A three-seater playing with contrasting colours
A small-size seating ensemble
Colourful corner sofa in industrial loft
Modern and pure: light grey corner sofa with chaise longue and cushions
Colourful XXL sofa ensemble
Bright pink corner sofa
A sofa as a triad, harmoniously combining both colour and shape
Sofa and chaise longue with yellow, blue, and green fabrics
Corner sofa with an extravagant design
Streamlined, L-shaped corner sofa
Graue Sofagruppe mit Récamière und flexibler Verlängerung
Unconventional and modern: sofa in shades of red
Communicative: the L-shaped sofa in blue-grey
3-seater: L-shaped sofa for sitting and lounging
Sofa ensemble with colourful cushions