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Our story

Einfach montiert und jederzeit erweiterbar

Cubit, released by Mymito, originated from the common desire of interior designer Minou Farkhondeh and entrepreneur Thomas Reichel to create a line of high-end modular furniture with a refined design. Like a construction game, Cubit elements make it possible to create customised furniture that can be modified at will. At Cubit, you’re the designer!

The modular furniture systems by Cubit display resolutely refined aesthetics. Each collection is composed of a large choice of elements called “Bits for Living”. Their dimensions always bear in mind content and function. It is the needs and desires of the users that decide on the final layout. A wide choice of colours and surfaces allow for personalisation. The personal environment, the intended use and the individual choice of aesthetics are the decisive factors underlying the creative process of each piece of furniture. The Cubit brand meets these complex requirements by offering a functional and refined design.

The cube: the origin of Cubit

The Cubit story began in 2006 in Düsseldorf with the launch of the modular shelving system. A clever system composed of coloured modules of different heights, widths and depths. With this first creation, Minou & Thomas have largely contributed to the popularity of what has become a great design classic: cube-shelving systems. This first creation of the couple is also an opportunity to demonstrate its high quality standards by implementing top-of-the-range finishes.


The sofa: the assertion of our design vision

In 2014, after years of development in collaboration with designer Olaf Schroeder, Cubit defines its vision for a modular sofa with the creation of a system composed of five basic modules that are available in different widths, heights and depths and fabrics of more than 100 colours.


Made in Europe

Our Slovenian partner manufactures the shelving modules especially for us. The employees, who are specifically trained for this production process, cut and assemble the wood with precision and each module is hand painted. After a meticulous final inspection and careful packaging, the Slovenian company delivers the modules to the Düsseldorf warehouse. The elements of the Cubit sofa are exclusively manufactured in Germany. An upholstery company in Westphalia manufactures seats, armrests and backrests with foams of different densities and an integrated suspension system. It is also where the fabrics for the covers, made by European manufacturers, are cut to size.

Top-class quality

Cubit variable furniture is long-lived by nature. If the living environment or space changes, the furniture can be adapted by reorganising its elements or by adding further elements. While the current trend towards waste is pushing consumers to throw away their furniture and replacing it, the Cubit brand relies on the durability of its furniture thanks to its refined design, the quality of its materials and the care taken in its finishing. The choice of materials and their finishing take ecological parameters into account.The choice of materials and their finishing take into account ecological parameters. Fabrics and foams are certified by the Ökotex standard, varnishes are water-soluble, and transport routes are as short as possible.

Welcome to Cubit’s modular and sustainable universe!