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Sofa ensembles

The Cubit® modular sofa shows its full strength as a sofa ensemble. The various elements can be repeatedly rearranged in the room: as a row or island, as a U-shaped or L-shaped sofa ensemble, for retreat or communication. The purist design and the distinctive lines also allow for unusual creations. Not only modularity bur also practicality is a feature of the Cubit® sofa. All fabric covers can be removed and cleaned. Simply open the Velcro fasteners. The nonslip underside stabilises all seating furniture.

37 Examples

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Sofa for different persectives
Two-eater sofa with two added seating modules
Colourful sofa ensemble
Modular four-piece sofa ensemble with four colours
Modular sofas in red, grey and orange
Crossover: modular sofa in various widths and depths
Sofa creating an ensemble with yellow and grey
Sofa ensemble – arranged for communication
Live without limits: sofa ensemble in cheerful colours
Sofa ensemble like modern architecture in muted colours
Extra-long sofa made up of four modules
Café with sofa ensemble with grey and blue modules
Green sofa ensemble with large, closed area
For every body size: blue sofas in many sizes
Corner sofa with industrial chic in loft
Modular designer sofa made of three modules
Wild: brightly coloured sofa in various heights, widths, and depths
Two expressive sofas combined to form a duet
Combine the comfort of sitting and lying down
Furniture ensemble with backrests of different heights
Sofa ensemble in hotel bar
Sofa ensemble: no tools needed for assembly
Easy going: orange daybed with purple ottoman
Individual sofa ensemble with strong character
Corner sofa – as spacious as a sofa ensemble
Single Sofa mit Kissen
Super-size seating furniture with high-quality fabric covers
Great attic with sofa ensemble of yellow, orange and purple modules
Sofa ensemble with the lounge look
Modern sofa ensemble: sofa and shelving
Sofa group: purist, straight-lined, modern
Café with daybeds and armchairs in shades of grey and blue
3-seater as L- shaped sofa with strong lines
A question of perspective: modern & purist sofa ensemble
An elegant two-seater combined with a square seat
Seating furniture that forms your very own unique island retreat