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The contemporary sideboards by Cubit® are practical, versatile and, of course, individual. They can be used in any room – as a bedside table, side table, music unit for LPs and a turntable, a bar for spirits, a dressing table... a sideboard for no matter which purpose or style – whether elegant living room sideboard, linear TV sideboard or a strikingly colourful sideboard for the hallway: you will find your favourite model here at Cubit®. Find your favourite model here at Cubit®. Simply chose just the right colours and shapes to suit your requirements from our modular shelving system and place the modules on base frames or on a plinth. And the individual sideboard is done. If you are into minimalism, you can also place the shelf modules directly on the floor. Or suspend them from the wall. Because suspended sideboards offer the perfect surrounding for your favourite books, bowls or vases. Plan whatever you please using the configurator!

150 Examples

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Retro sideboard composed of six modules in rose with base frame
Cubit Modular Shelving
Wide sideboard and base frame with many options
Sideboard 120cm wide with open and closed shelving modules
Modular retro sideboard 80 cm in mint with slanting feet
Cubit Modular Shelving
Open sideboard with a width of 1.25 m in pink and taupe with base frame
Bedside table with drawer in wood veneer
Bedside table in pink
Cubit Modular Shelving
Sideboard with multimedia qualities
Sideboard in shades of pastel
Cubit Modular Shelving
Sideboard for all kinds of entertainment
Purist: Cubit low sideboard in shades of pink pastel
Modular sideboard 1.60 m with plinth in shades of pastel
Colourful: shelving tower in pink and red
Small sideboard with additional compartment
Cubit Modular Shelving
Sideboard 1.30 m with open and closed modules in pink
Sideboard in bright red
Small sideboard with base frame in refined colours (Deutscher Text past nicht zum Bild)
Colourful cube shelving as a low sideboard
Open designer sideboard with blue modules and slanting wooden feet
Sideboard for LPs
Cubit Modular Shelving
Clean and straightforward: wall-mounted low sideboard in shades of pink
120cm wide sideboard
Clean low sideboard in shades of pastel
Suspended sideboard, closed
CD shelving in white
Modern floor standing combination of oak and white shelving modules for TV and hifi
Modern sideboard in pastel-colours and oak
Cubit Modular Shelving
Modulardesigner sideboard 1.2 m with plinth in shades of pastel
Pastel-coloured bedside table and lamp
Inspired by mosaics: sideboard with base frame as a practical piece of furniture
Mini sideboard
Sideboard composed of open and closed modules with base frame
As creative as children: modular shelving for children’s room
Cubit Modular Shelving
Urban jungle sideboard
Sideboard with doors in white, yellow, and grey
Stylish wall-mounted shelving in yellow and white
Minimalist bedside table with doors and drawers in white
Stylish TV shelving in white and brown
Multimedia unit in white
TV shelving made up of coloured cubes
Cubit Modular Shelving
Plenty of room for imagination: modular book shelving
Individually configurable sideboard
Shelving tower in walnut
Shelving system for the TV
Wall-mounted sideboard, multi-coloured
Cubit Modular Shelving
Tall sideboard with playful structure in various colours
Floor-standing TV shelving combination in white
Modern, modular floor-standing shelving combination with TV
TV shelving unit
TV shelving made of spray-painted MDF
Unique, modern sideboard in walnut veneer
Stereo shelving made of spray-painted MDF
Cubit Modular Shelving
Square mini sideboard
120cm wide sideboard with colourful cube shelving
Modern mini sideboard in mint-green
Sideboard 120cm wide, mix of oak, walnut, and white
Individualised retro sideboard in shades of pastel and oak veneer
Sofa side table in shades of pastel
Suspended adaptable sideboard 1.75 m, in shades of pastel
Get in the mood: the colourful retro sideboard
Lots of shelving modules forming a modular sideboard in blue
Modular TV shelving in white
Sideboard for LPs and drinks cabinet
Three different modules combined to form a narrow sideboard
Hifi sideboard with turntable and LPs
Shelving with base frame, perfect for alcoves
Individual sideboard with plinth in white and pale wood veneer
Mini sideboard with two drawer modules
Wall-mounted shelving with high-quality walnut veneer modules
A perfect balance of practical use and aesthetics: book shelving for alcoves
Everything tidy: mini sideboard in white
Individual sideboard with plenty of storage space
120cm wide sideboard with slanting legs
Modular shelving system with plinth in wood veneer and pink
Inspiring multimedia book shelving
Narrow shelving in shades of blue
TV unit in white
Combination of Wall-mounted shelving and low sideboard
Modular sideboard in genuine walnut veneer
TV low sideboard 2m wide
Low sideboard in white
Modular shelving system in a colourful design
Individual sideboard, with doors
Wall-mounted sideboard in white
Wild mix: colourful low sideboard and white wall-mounted shelving
Mini sideboard with character
Multi-colouredshelving system
Mini sideboard with plinth and a stunning look
Elegant multimedia low sideboard in pale oak
Suspended corner shelf
Narrow, colourful high shelving
New Nordic: book shelving in shades of pastel with clear contours
Pink shelving tower
Sideboard with plinth: perfect for the office or living room
Wall-mounted sideboard in white with some coloured modules
Stylish sideboard for the living room
Sideboard in ‘60s design in shades of pastel with slanting feet
Small cabinet in blue
Pink, blue, and white modules as an individual sideboard creation
Wall-mounted sideboard in children’s room
Modular sideboard
Blue mini shelving unit with door and base frame
Suspended file shelving in grey
Practical sideboard made from multi-coloured modules
Unique, modular sideboard in muted shades of pastel
Minimalistic sofa side table in pale oak veneer
Shelving unit for difficult room situations
Shelving system for children’s room
Compact, modern sideboard, 80cm wide
Modern sideboard for LPs
Shelving unit for installation beneath sloping ceilings and stairs
Sideboard for children’s room
Cubit Modular Shelving
Shelving with suspended drawers and doors in grey
DJ sideboard with LPs and headphones
DJ desk with turntable and LPs
Stylish shelving made of MDF
Sideboard with turntable and LPs
White slanted shelving in a teenager’s bedroom
CD shelving with door modules
Grey suspended sideboard
Suspended colourful shelving with doors and drawers
Modular DJ desk
A shelving system in equaliser look
Cubit Modular Shelving
Stackable shelving with drawers and doors in green
Shelving in bright yellow
Small wooden shelving unit
Modular TV shelving in various colours
Pure and white: sideboard with hifi module
Modular sideboards
Bedside table in oak veneer and pink with small base frame
Stylish and closed wall-mounted shelving
Mini sideboard in pale wood veneer
Sideboard in elegant colours with hifi module
TV shelving in white and various colours
Cubit Modular Shelving
Suspended sideboard 200cm with TV