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Wall-mounted shelving

With its modern and refined design, the wall shelves created from Cubit® shelving modules can be used in all rooms of the house, from the living room, to the entrance hall, to the bedroom... The modular wall-shelving units embellish the walls in a sculptural way. They are available in a wide choice of modules of different heights, depths and widths, meeting specific requirements according to their use. It could not be easier to fix them firmly to a wall: simply use the hanging system composed of hooks that fit into the slots on the back of the modules. This mounting system ensures perfect stability and easy installation. Up to you to design your own wall shelving: linear, asymmetrical, monochrome or multi-coloured... Cubit® ensures the originality of your suspended shelving.

110 Examples

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Corner shelving for DVDs
Wall-mounted shelving in white
Stylish shelving made of MDF
CD storage in white
Colourful shelving system in a loft
Wall-mounted sideboard in white
Elegant multimedia low sideboard in pale oak
DVD wall-mounted shelving unit in yellow
Colourful wall-mounted office shelving
Wall-mounted shelving for CDs and DVDs
Shelving system for difficult room situations
CD shelving with door modules
Hängendes modulares Regalsystem weiß
Wall-mounted corner shelving in white
Corner shelving for CDs in yellow and white
Modular, extendable wall-mounted shelving
Wall-mounted shelving for illustrated books and atlases
Not just for hipsters: white corner shelving
Stylish wall-mounted shelving in blue and white
Corner shelving in white and green
Wall-mounted shelving in white and yellow
Modular shelving system in a colourful design
Individual shelving for CDs
CD shelving in white
Practical shelving in pink
Green and grey shelving modules forming suspended wall-mounted shelving
Shelving system for the TV
Configurable DVD shelving
Wall-mounted shelving for CDs and pocket books in white
Wall-mounted shelving for books and DVDs
Wall-mounted office shelving in white
Wall-mounted, colourful Blu-ray and DVD shelving
Modular corner shelving with high-quality walnut veneer modules
Stylish wall-mounted shelving in yellow and white
Modern wall-mounted shelving for DVDs
Uses the space: white book shelving for the living room
Wild mix: colourful low sideboard and white wall-mounted shelving
Configurable wall-mounted shelving for installation above the staircase
Narrow shelving system for alcoves
Wall-mounted book shelving in grey and white
Modular and flexible shelving for above and below stairs
Modular sideboard
Various shelving modules on white sideboard
Feel the LOVE
Colourful book shelving
Wall-mounted shelving with doors and drawers
Wall-mounted corner shelving in white in front of a petrol-coloured wall
Unusual wall-mounted shelving in a colourful design
White alcove shelving with speakers
Smiley wall-mounted shelving unit
Suspended book shelving in white
Suspended file shelving in grey
CD wall-mounted shelving in green
Shelving unit for installation beneath sloping ceilings and stairs
Suspended LP shelving in white
Suspended shelving in orange and walnut
DVD shelving in brown and yellow
Shelving with suspended drawers and doors in grey
Suspended sideboard, closed
DJ desk with turntable and LPs
Suspended corner shelving
CD shelving made of MDF in white and shades of pastel
Wall-mounted shelving for books and folders
Individual book shelving with blue, grey, and white shelving modules
Pastel-coloured bedside table and lamp
Clean and straightforward: wall-mounted low sideboard in shades of pink
Suspended colourful shelving with doors and drawers
TV and stereo shelving unit in white
In a cosmetic shop: wall-mounted shelving system in white
As office shelving: in mixed colours
Stylish DVD shelving made of MDF
Stylish CD shelving
Grey suspended sideboard
Individual sideboard, with doors
TV low sideboard 2m wide
Corner shelving for CDs and DVDs, multi-coloured
Inspiring multimedia book shelving
Wall-mounted sideboard in children’s room
Wall-mounted book shelving in white, orange, and red
Suspended shelving unit for CD storage
Wall-mounted shelving with high-quality walnut veneer modules
CD shelving in a colourful design
Suspended shelving in yellow
Colourful wall-mounted shelving modules
Shelving system for alcoves and doors
Stylish and closed wall-mounted shelving
Shelving system for children’s room
Wall-mounted sideboard in white with some coloured modules
Suspended sideboard 200cm with TV
Purist: Cubit low sideboard in shades of pink pastel
Suspended display shelving in white
Abstract: green shelving
Sideboard with doors in white, yellow, and grey
“Welcome home” shelving
Adaptable storage in black and white
Suspended corner shelf
Suspended Cubit shelving in light and dark green
Wall-mounted shelving with doors in white (, yellow, and green)
Colourful shelving system for CDs
Combination of Wall-mounted shelving and low sideboard
Multi-colouredshelving system
Wall-mounted modular shelving system
A modern shelving for installation beneath stairs
Wall-mounted CD shelving in white
Wall-mounted sideboard, multi-coloured
Wall-mounted shelving for CD storage
White slanted shelving in a teenager’s bedroom
CD shelving in white and brown
Modular wall-mounted shelving for DVDs and books
Colourful shelving cube for child’s room