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Daybeds & chaise longues

Modern chaise longues or daybeds enhance the sofa combination or are simply fun as a soloist. With their unconventional form, they set an optical accent and ensure ultimate relaxation. A must have: the small armrest. As with all sofa modules, the height and depth of the elements can be individually configured. In addition, there is a selection of exclusive fabrics for different atmospheres. ‘Everything can be concisely planned online.’

18 Examples

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A small backrest with a big impact on the chaise longue.
Chaise longue in ocean blue
Go large: two extra wide chaise longues in shades of grey with cushions
Individual style: modern living room with two daybeds, face to face.
A charming chaise-longue with asymmetrical layout
An extremely comfortable sofa bed
A corner sofa and a seating element are all you need to create a chaise-longue
Extra deep: 2-seater in L-shape by Cubit®
A modular sofa with changing perspectives
Extra long: orange daybed with ottoman and purple cushion
Mixed styles: modern green sofa with old map of the world and sideboard
Easy going: orange daybed with purple ottoman
Your very own island retreat that’s simple to arrange
2-seater sofa with ottoman in green and grey
Oh, orange! L shaped sofa as a 3-seater
Green sofa ensemble with large, closed area
Sofa ensemble with the lounge look