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3-seater sofas

Various modules and even more options: the 3-seater by Cubit® embraces change. They form either a long, 3-seater in a row or can be arranged opposite one another. It depends on the space and communication requirements. Really good: it is great to experiment with the fabrics. Do you prefer contrasts or harmonious gradations? All the fabrics of the Cubit® sofas are convincing. We have chosen groups of fabrics for you: finishes and colours match perfectly. All fabrics come from manufactories and keep their fresh look even after repeated cleaning.

18 Examples

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A German sofa with Italian flair
Straight-forward: grey 3-seater sofa with green cushions
A modular sofa with a deep seat
Light grey sofa with grey and blue cushions
A corner sofa and a seating element are all you need to create a chaise-longue
Einsitzer Sofa zum Relaxen
Modular sofa in grey and pink with stool
Central armchair and two seating modules
Purist: grey 3-seater sofa with cushion
Plain 3-seater sofa in three shades of grey
Pretty in pink: 3-seater sofa made of two corner modules
Stand-alone chair modules forming an original sofa
Oh, orange! L shaped sofa as a 3-seater
Modular 3-seater sofa with wow effect
So sophisticated: 3-seater in grey with ottoman in petrol
Sofamodul in grau mit Hocker
A modular sofa with changing perspectives
3-seater sofa in sun yellow and emerald green