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Floor-standing shelving

You would love to have wall-mounted shelving with a modern, very exquisite design? Design your almost custom-made wall-mounted shelving with Cubit®. Discover the different colours and formats and create a shelving unit online that suits your needs. From a small white shelving unit to a huge, multi-coloured library! With their different widths, heights and depths, the cubes look great on any wall and make it possible to store objects of all kinds. And that’s not all: Thanks to a clever slot-in and hanging system, the wall cubes can be connected quickly, intelligently and without any tools.

115 Examples

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Modular book shelving in white
MDF shelving for installation beneath sloping ceilings
As if it were made to measure: modular shelving system in white
White corner book shelving
Made to measure: colourful TV book shelving
Simple and adjustable: stacked shelving
Impressive floor-standing shelving in white
Shelving for folders
Shelving system for difficult room situations
Uses the space: white book shelving for the living room
White shelving in a home office
Black and white shelving
Wall-mounted corner shelving in white
Colourful cube shelving as a low sideboard
As if it were made to measure: modular book shelving in white
White floor-standing shelving in a loft
Stackable shelving with drawers and doors in green
Modular shelving system in white
Suspended corner shelving
Hängendes modulares Regalsystem weiß
Library in various colours
Sculptural and mad-to-measure floor-standing shelving combination
Colourful floor-standing shelving combination with TV
Not just for hipsters: white corner shelving
Individual, colourful, stackable shelving
Shelving unit for the TV, DVDs and CDs
3m high, brightly-coloured wall-mounted shelving
Book shelving in white, grey, black, and yellow
Sculptural and colourful book shelving
Corner shelving for DVDs
Practical shelving system in white and grey
Home office book shelving white
Wall-mounted shelving for books and DVDs
Suspended book shelving in white
Office shelving for folders
Multi-coloured shelving unit for the living room
Cubit Modular Shelving
Sculptural shelving in black and walnut veneer
Linear shelving made up of shelving modules
Modular shelving with white and grey modules
Black and white shelving modules
TV unit in white
TV and stereo shelving unit in white
Shelving under staircase in white
Shelving in bright yellow
Wild mix: colourful low sideboard and white wall-mounted shelving
Shelving unit made up of multi-coloured modules
Modular shelving system in white
Stylish wall-mounted shelving in yellow and white
Stylish shelving for installation beneath sloping ceilings and stairs
White alcove shelving with speakers
Unique book shelving, black and white
Shelving for folders
Sculptural black wall-mounted shelving
Colourful stackable shelving with turntable
Individual shelving in various colours
Creative stackable shelving in white and oak
Modern shelving unit
Colourful shelving for installation beneath sloped ceilings
A library that can be expanded to suit your individual needs
Colourful wall-mounted shelving modules
Modular corner shelving with high-quality walnut veneer modules
Shelving as colourful as life
Modern shelving with suspended modules
Modern-looking office shelving
Narrow shelving system for alcoves
Individual MDF shelving as door surround
Plenty of room for imagination: modular book shelving
A perfect balance of practical use and aesthetics: book shelving for alcoves
A perfect balance of practical use and aesthetics: book shelving for alcoves
White alcove shelving under balustrade
Suspended display shelving in white
TV shelving made of spray-painted MDF
White stair shelving
Modular shelving system in blue and grey
Shelving unit for difficult room situations
Modular and flexible shelving for above and below stairs
Stylish shelving system in various colours
Configurable shelving in grey and white
As if it were made to measure: white shelving under slanting ceiling
Wall-mounted sideboard in white with some coloured modules
Wall-mounted book shelving in grey and white
Need not be hidden: individual camouflage shelving modules
Individual book shelving with blue, grey, and white shelving modules
Modular TV shelving in various colours
Modern design shelving system composed of blue-green shelving modules
Office shelving with doors in green
Modern library – modular and individual
Shelving for installation beneath stairs and sloping ceilings
MDF shelving for the living room
Multimedia unit in white
Colourful shelving cube for child’s room
Book shelving with plinth and clear central axis: perfect for alcoves
White shelving in a shop
Shelving system for alcoves and doors
Black wine rack
Modular shelving in white, brown, and orange
Modular shelving in friendly pastel colours
Individual book shelving in white
Feel the LOVE
Narrow shelving for alcoves in the New Nordic look
Colourful wall-mounted office shelving
Lack of space? Shelving above a door frame in shades of blue
Modular shelving system in black and white
Stacked book shelving in white
Adaptable shelving system for door surround
Wall-mounted shelving for books and folders
Modular shelving for DVDs in white, blue, and brown
Inspiring multimedia book shelving
Large library
As creative as children: modular shelving for children’s room
An unusual shelving combination in green
Large modular corner shelving unit
Book shelving in red
Colourful book shelving