Upholstery “Made in Germany” - a small but select group

Upholstery “Made in Germany” - a small but select group

Many German companies are moving production abroad. This includes the furniture sector. Only about 1,000 German manufacturers produce furniture that is entitled to sport the “Made in Germany” quality label. This includes, for example, the modular sofa system from Cubit®, which is manufactured in East Westphalia - home of furniture craftsmanship.


“Production in upholstery and housing is moving abroad,” is the latest word from the German Upholstery Industry Association. Current figures show that the production of upholstered furniture abroad is continuing unchanged, while production here is losing ground. It is for this reason that the quality label “Made in Germany” continues to be a trend. And rightly so; it stands for traditional craftsmanship, high-quality materials and short distances.

Good quality and processing are important for modular furniture

This is also why the modular sofa by Cubit® is completely manufactured in Germany. More precisely, it is manufactured at HV Nähtechnik in Delbrück, East Westphalia - a region with a long furniture tradition. Nearly 20 percent of all German furniture is produced in East Westphalia. “From the beginning, it was clear to us that the Cubit® sofa had to be manufactured in Germany. For a modular system, good quality and premium processing is important. It must be able to withstand the stresses of conversions and extensions. In addition, short coordination and transport routes were important to us,” says Cubit® founder Thomas Reichel.

Cubit-39 Cubit-23

Real craftsmanship and attention to detail

Thus, a great deal of attention to detail and concentrated expertise is brought to bear on the flexible sofa system. Production is a challenge, because the Cubit® sofa series is extremely large. Five basic modules offer a variety of design possibilities with many different shapes and sizes. In addition, there is the wide selection of high-quality fabrics in different textures and colors. These are custom sewn every time a sofa cover is ordered. High-quality and individual armchairs, chaise lounges, and sofas are created for every room and every taste, all “Made in Germany.”

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