Get to know shelves with a sample model


At Cubit, we like to make things easy for you, which is how we came to develop the sample package. It allows you to discover the materials, colors, quality, functions and – naturally – the design of our modular shelving system at your leisure.


Take a seat – on the inviting Cubit sofa


Characteristically Cubit®: The modular sofa system combines comfort, design and quality. All you have to do is choose your favorite combination, then rearrange the elements as desired or add to them at a later date.


Discover the world of furniture with Cubit


Whether you’re going for coolness or opulence, the modular furniture from Cubit® adapts to your style and room. What’s more, it’s convertible too and you can add to it at a later date. There are plenty of examples:


Design the shelf realistically


Using the configurator, you can combine 34 modules and a variety of colors to create your very own personal shelf. Here's a useful tip: Information about the room size and environment is a great help during the design process.


Malte and Paul from Munich talking about Cubit corner shelves

“You won’t find us on every corner.”

When Malte and Paul were planning their concept store in Munich, they always had a specific address in mind. One that offered a great location, was available at the perfect time and had lots of wall space. While others would probably use all that wall space for large shelf units, the two businessmen, who have a sense for uniqueness, did exactly the opposite with the modular shelving systems from Cubit . They bought corner shelves. Leaving parts of the wall empty. As a counterpart, they positioned a cube in the center of the room which they use to showcase a variety of different themes. “Doing this creates a completely new sense of space in the room,” explains Malte.

Whether angled outward or inward, the corner shelf from Cubit  simply fits

Privately, Malte and Paul were already familiar with the Cubit  shelving system. They live in an apartment which is situated in an old block and filled with nooks and crannies. Here too, they accentuate the charm of their home using the “shelf around the corner” principle and indulge in their passion for collecting with no drawbacks whatsoever. Their quest to find inspiring brands often takes them abroad and they often also bring back attractive personal accessories. Whilst the corner shelves are a mainstay at home, the shop layout is changed more frequently. Tall and slim arrangements are converted into flat and wide shelves. So their customers always expereinece a innovative presentation.

A high product quality for solutions that last

These frequent conversions are only possible because of the extreme care that was taken in crafting the Cubit  modules. They fit perfectly, even after repeated assembly and disassembly. The corner shelves show no visible signs of wear caused by customer use. “Of course, we’ve had to re-order the odd module or two for our corner shelves. And we’re delighted to say that the reliable Cubit  delivery service has never once let us down.”