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de ploeg


Founded as a cooperative in 1923, the Dutch weaving mill has preserved the values of social management – and successfully so. Indeed, it makes sparing use of raw materials, shows respect for human creativity and creates designs that are both timeless and innovative at the same time. The design, development and production facilities are all housed under one roof. In addition to the quality, it is this special spirit that makes De Ploeg fabrics so appealing to Cubit .



If polyester is processed in the way De Ploeg, a Dutch weaving mill, is doing it, it could easily become the darling of trendsetters. Good properties, such as the material being easy-care, crease-resistant, dimensionally stable, abrasion-resistant and extremely colorful, are combined with a natural look and feel. And it’s high-quality polyester chunky yarn that makes all this possible. The fabric, with its distinctive structure, is pleasing as a plain color and beautiful when used in bi-color too.

innovative | bold | lively | coarse textile | matt finish | attractive interplay of colors

Fabric samples

Fabric samples Bolster 01 Bolster 01
Fabric samples Bolster 04 Bolster 04
Fabric samples Bolster 09 Bolster 09
Fabric samples Bolster 10 Bolster 10
Fabric samples Bolster 21 Bolster 21
Fabric samples Bolster 40 Bolster 40
Fabric samples Bolster 43 Bolster 43
Fabric samples Bolster 44 Bolster 44
Fabric samples Bolster 50 Bolster 50
Fabric samples Bolster 54 Bolster 54
Fabric samples Bolster 55 Bolster 55
Fabric samples Bolster 60 Bolster 60
Fabric samples Bolster 62 Bolster 62
Fabric samples Bolster 65 Bolster 65
Fabric samples Bolster 66 Bolster 66
Fabric samples Bolster 67 Bolster 67
Fabric samples Bolster 68 Bolster 68
Fabric samples Bolster 75 Bolster 75
Fabric samples Bolster 77 Bolster 77
Fabric samples Bolster 80 Bolster 80
Fabric samples Bolster 81 Bolster 81
Fabric samples Bolster 87 Bolster 87
Fabric samples Bolster 90 Bolster 90
Fabric samples Bolster 99 Bolster 99


Wool has a multitude of good properties, which are passed on to the user through the fabric. Besides heat regulation and self-cleaning aspects, quality-conscious individuals value the technical properties, including abrasion resistance and minimal pilling tendency. It’s a fabric which is constantly regenerating itself and retains the furniture’s esthetics over a long period of time.

charming | warm | natural | soft felt surface feel | brilliant colors

Fabric samples

Fabric samples Vilano 04-18 Vilano 04-18
Fabric samples Vilano 05-77 Vilano 05-77
Fabric samples Vilano 11-90 Vilano 11-90
Fabric samples Vilano 14-66 Vilano 14-66
Fabric samples Vilano 16-85 Vilano 16-85
Fabric samples Vilano 17-95 Vilano 17-95
Fabric samples Vilano 20-12 Vilano 20-12
Fabric samples Vilano 23-01 Vilano 23-01
Fabric samples Vilano 24-11 Vilano 24-11
Fabric samples Vilano 27-38 Vilano 27-38
Fabric samples Vilano 32-48 Vilano 32-48
Fabric samples Vilano 34-80 Vilano 34-80
Fabric samples Vilano 35-88 Vilano 35-88
Fabric samples Vilano 36-87 Vilano 36-87
Fabric samples Vilano 37-89 Vilano 37-89
Fabric samples Vilano 38-52 Vilano 38-52
Fabric samples Vilano 41-45 Vilano 41-45
Fabric samples Vilano 42-40 Vilano 42-40
Fabric samples Vilano 43-49 Vilano 43-49
Fabric samples Vilano 44-54 Vilano 44-54
Fabric samples Vilano 51-33 Vilano 51-33


With its innovative, subtle design in fantastic colours, this material can be perfectly combined and integrated into various spaces, thanks to the selection of 3 yarn colours. With Walker, you are also getting the best quality in Trevira CS. This material offers you a durable, low-maintenance structure as well as high colour brilliance woven with a ‘pixel’ look.

innovative | special colour combinations | subtle | durable quality | low-maintenance

Fabric samples

Fabric samples Walker 1 Walker 1
Fabric samples Walker 18 Walker 18
Fabric samples Walker 20 Walker 20
Fabric samples Walker 47 Walker 47
Fabric samples Walker 50 Walker 50
Fabric samples Walker 54 Walker 54
Fabric samples Walker 60 Walker 60
Fabric samples Walker 68 Walker 68
Fabric samples Walker 77 Walker 77
Fabric samples Walker 84 Walker 84
Fabric samples Walker 87 Walker 87
Fabric samples Walker 88 Walker 88
Fabric samples Walker 89 Walker 89
Fabric samples Walker 9 Walker 9
Fabric samples Walker 90 Walker 90


Inspired by old weaving techniques, the beautiful, erratic and playful approach to the use of colours unites traditional and modern styles. The acclaimed, colourfully woven jacquard material by DePloeg is made of to 95% pure virgin wool and boasts an distinctively natural and unique look. Wools are naturally dirt resistant and low-maintenance; they rejuvenate themselves again and again and so they continue to look as good as new.

unmistakable | natural | playful colours | captivating | great structure

Fabric samples

Fabric samples Nevada 10 Nevada 10
Fabric samples Nevada 2 Nevada 2
Fabric samples Nevada 40 Nevada 40
Fabric samples Nevada 50 Nevada 50
Fabric samples Nevada 87 Nevada 87
Fabric samples Nevada 9 Nevada 9
Fabric samples Nevada 90 Nevada 90



The Italian family-run company was founded in the 1940s. Originally, it developed and produced seat cover fabrics for the automotive industry. The third-generation textile professionals have now transferred this know-how to fabric production for furniture too. Renowned furniture designers – now including Cubit – value the cooperation with Fidivi.


Laser J

Fidivi has mastered the art of adding a lightweight and carefree look to an extremely hardwearing material. Laser J is a modern interpretation of seventies colors combined with a discreet and specific fabric texture. The 100% polyester Trevira fabric is piece-dyed and has a high level of light fastness. Also impressive are its low piling tendency and permanent flame-proofing. It’s a resilient and attractive solution.

casual | trendy | easy-care Reserved texture | Casual look and feel | Trendy colors

Fabric samples

Fabric samples Laser J 1049 Laser J 1049
Fabric samples Laser J 2036 Laser J 2036
Fabric samples Laser J 2048 Laser J 2048
Fabric samples Laser J 3004 Laser J 3004
Fabric samples Laser J 3012 Laser J 3012
Fabric samples Laser J 4021 Laser J 4021
Fabric samples Laser J 4024 Laser J 4024
Fabric samples Laser J 4073 Laser J 4073
Fabric samples Laser J 4079 Laser J 4079
Fabric samples Laser J 6071 Laser J 6071
Fabric samples Laser J 6075 Laser J 6075
Fabric samples Laser J 6098 Laser J 6098
Fabric samples Laser J 7014 Laser J 7014
Fabric samples Laser J 7021 Laser J 7021
Fabric samples Laser J 7025 Laser J 7025
Fabric samples Laser J 8006 Laser J 8006
Fabric samples Laser J 8015 Laser J 8015
Fabric samples Laser J 8017 Laser J 8017
Fabric samples Laser J 8027 Laser J 8027



Made in Germany – Rohi, based to the south of Munich, has been developing and producing the best-quality wool fabrics since 1933. It is now being managed by the third generation. Rohi is very proud of what it calls its “woven values”, which are conceived and created by its team. Their commitment to every square centimeter of fabric that leaves the Rohi production site is something that you can both feel and see – and have been able to do so since the Cubit sofa was launched in 2014.



Besides the outstanding properties of worsted merino wool, Rohi trusts its own special equipment to prevent shrinkage and pilling. Low flammability, durability, breathability and dirt-repelling properties are almost natural aspects of NOVUM’s quality. Once processed, the fabric’s color brilliance and light fastness are truly a delight to see, while the ears benefit from the fabric’s sound-absorbing properties

elegant | flowing | domineering | medium-coarse fabric | slight sheen | universal color spectrum

Fabric samples

Fabric samples Novum Amur Novum Amur
Fabric samples Novum Angora Novum Angora
Fabric samples Novum Azur Novum Azur
Fabric samples Novum Cacao Novum Cacao
Fabric samples Novum Cocos Novum Cocos
Fabric samples Novum Coral Novum Coral
Fabric samples Novum Curry Novum Curry
Fabric samples Novum Ebony Novum Ebony
Fabric samples Novum Flamingo Novum Flamingo
Fabric samples Novum Heart Novum Heart
Fabric samples Novum Lagoon Novum Lagoon
Fabric samples Novum Lanoso Novum Lanoso
Fabric samples Novum Litchi Novum Litchi
Fabric samples Novum Lord Novum Lord
Fabric samples Novum Magenta Novum Magenta
Fabric samples Novum Mambo Novum Mambo
Fabric samples Novum Moss Novum Moss
Fabric samples Novum Paradise Novum Paradise
Fabric samples Novum Pear Novum Pear
Fabric samples Novum Pepper Novum Pepper
Fabric samples Novum Plaza Novum Plaza
Fabric samples Novum Prisma Novum Prisma
Fabric samples Novum Rosewood Novum Rosewood
Fabric samples Novum Snow Novum Snow
Fabric samples Novum Stone Novum Stone
Fabric samples Novum Sunset Novum Sunset
Fabric samples Novum Viola Novum Viola

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