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How does the Cubit sofa work?

  •  Where is the Cubit sofa produced?
    • Quality characterizes every single aspect of all Cubit products. Cubit sofa elements are manufactured exclusively in Germany. High-quality foams, wooden connectors and fabric covers meet high quality standards.

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  • Which fabrics are used for the Cubit sofa?

    • We have selected fabrics from top manufacturers based in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. These textiles are characterized by their high material quality, careful workmanship and individual look.

      DE PLOEG (NL)

      ROHI (DE)

      FIDIVI (IT)

      » Fabrics lines
  • Which materials are used in the Cubit sofa?

    • The individual elements are made of high-quality foams.

  • Does the Cubit sofa fit through any door?

    • Yes, because it’s modular like all other Cubit® products. The Cubit sofa is sometimes delivered in an assembled state. If designed in this way, you can even connect the armrests to the seat and cover your Cubit sofa with your chosen fabric. Also, the elements are so easy to assemble that they can be conveniently rearranged. If you’d like to move the elements into another room, simply dismantle them again.

  • How do I set up my Cubit sofa?

    • The Cubit sofa can be assembled with ease. You don’t even need to use any tools:

      1. Place the foam elements into the fabric cover

      2. Insert the L-connector into the seat and close the zipper

      3. Pull the backrest and armrests over the L-connector from above (this does not apply to all modules)

      4. Tightly pull the fabric cover over the seat elements and close the Velcro fastenings

      » How the sofa works

  • How can I test the sofa first of all?