Design meets usefulness: shelf combinations from Cubit


The modular shelving system offers solutions for a whole host of room situations and furnishing requirements. We’ve put together a few ideas for you – from shelf units and TV racks to corner shelves.


Sample package for the sofa


Is it really that comfortable? You bet! Experience the comfort, materials and functions of our modular sofa system.


Discover the world of furniture with Cubit


Whether you’re going for coolness or opulence, the modular furniture from Cubit® adapts to your style and room. What’s more, it’s convertible too and you can add to it at a later date. There are plenty of examples:


Have a plan: with the sofa configurator


Shape, size and color: The configurator allows you to keep everything under control when designing your new sofa. It even gives you a realistic representation of what your finished sofa will look like.


Claude from Paris discussing his sofa landscape

“This is the right mix for me.”

Wicked! There’s no other way to describe your emotions when you see this apartment. A Cubit  sofa landscape dominates the center space of the huge parlor, which dates back to the 17th century. Our journey has brought us to Le Marais, a district of Paris with a turbulent history. As for the architecture that dates back to this period, it includes “hôtels particuliers”, weather-beaten cottages, traditional tenements and former dwellings used by the Knights Templar. Claude has made a home for himself in the centrally located Place des Vosges. The young French DJ has been riding a wave of success for a number of years now and is investing in his well-being. He strongly believes that his home is part and parcel of this. “Now, I can afford luxury items no problem. But what exactly is the definition of luxury? For me, it’s this unique environment of Le Marais. In my furniture landscape from Cubit , I deliberately selected a simple furniture system. And I say ‘simple’ in the best sense of the word. It gives ostentatious rooms a more accurate reflection of my reality. This sofa landscape is opulent and democratic at the same time,” philosophizes the young man, as he sits almost timidly at first on the edge of his expressive sofa.

When the sofa landscape reflects well-being

Claude came up with the idea for the furniture landscape the minute he entered the palais. In the modular system from Cubit , he found the ideal solution to turn his idea into a reality. He particularly likes the fact that no tools are needed for assembly. ”I’m not much of a handyman,” the successful musician freely admits. Claude used the configurator on his computer to design the elements for his furniture landscape. Once everything had been delivered, he was astonished at how easy it was to connect the individual foam material modules with the connectors. Then all he had to do was stretch the fabric – and voilà: he’d created a sofa landscape where he can watch, read, listen, create and love.

Life dictates the pace of change to the furniture landscape

Claude rearranges his elements on a regular basis. Sometimes, the seats with tall rests are the dominant feature in the center of the room. Later on, they become the outer limit. It really depends on how much the sensitive musician wants to open up or if he’s looking to retreat into himself. It’s a furniture landscape like no other.