The base lifts the Cubit shelf off the floor, bypassing and neatly covering up baseboards and cable ducts. The levelling screws can be adjusted to stabilized the base on an uneven floor.
All Cubit shelf modules can be stack on the base without any tools. Needless to say, the base is available in all colors and finishings of the modular shelf system. How would your new shelf look?

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Design meets usefulness: shelf combinations from Cubit


The modular shelving system offers solutions for a whole host of room situations and furnishing requirements. We’ve put together a few ideas for you – from shelf units and TV racks to corner shelves.


Get to know shelves with a sample model


At Cubit, we like to make things easy for you, which is how we came to develop the sample package. It allows you to discover the materials, colors, quality, functions and – naturally – the design of our modular shelving system at your leisure.


Cubit compact: get to know the shelf


How does the connection method work? What is it that makes the shelf a perfect fit? The modular shelf accommodates your requirements. And you can see here just how it does that:


Design the shelf realistically


Using the configurator, you can combine 34 modules and a variety of colors to create your very own personal shelf. Here's a useful tip: Information about the room size and environment is a great help during the design process.


Straight-line design in an old-fashioned building? That fits – Anton can tell you – thanks to height-adjustable bases

Anton is an interior designer specializing in ‘historic spaces.’ People who want to move into castles, farmhouses or similarly characteristic properties often place their trust in him. The kicker? He combines historic charm with our modern amenities. He has already implemented the modular shelving system from Cubit® in several of his projects. “The height-adjustable bases in particular are a real blessing in old buildings. The ground is never even. It would be a shame if I had to level it. It contains the character of the house,” the expert explains. “The modular shelving system from Cubit® injects practical diligence into the house and can be positioned safely.”

A base ensures there is a level surface on uneven ground or skirting boards

But they are not only limited to use on uneven ground. The bases provide a neat way of hiding skirting boards. They essentially lift the shelf above the protrusion and integrate it with the room. If goes without saying that these bases can be used in conjunction with any shelf modules by Cubit®. You can design the ideal arrangement using the configurator. In doing so, the dimensions of the room determine the framework. Everything is easy to configure – even if you aren’t an interior designer. The bases – as you would expect from Cubit® – come in all shades and veneers. This enables you to create a unified color unit with the modular shelf, or set it off in contrasting tones. One thing is for sure, the clear-cut design adds a classic touch. You have the option of placing the shelf directly on the floor or mount it ‘floating’ on the wall. The sideboard offers another variant.

A base provides Cubit® shelves with a classic touch

The modular options of the shelf are in no way limited by the base. The shelf can even be implemented with the base in problematic room situations: The shelf can be set up with a base under stairs and slanted rooves or in nooks and crannies. Of course the screws on the base have to be adjusted beforehand. When it comes to contorted historic buildings – the modular shelving system from Cubit® is the perfect fit.