Design meets usefulness: shelf combinations from Cubit


The modular shelving system offers solutions for a whole host of room situations and furnishing requirements. We’ve put together a few ideas for you – from shelf units and TV racks to corner shelves.


Sample package for the sofa


Is it really that comfortable? You bet! Experience the comfort, materials and functions of our modular sofa system.


Discover the world of furniture with Cubit


Whether you’re going for coolness or opulence, the modular furniture from Cubit® adapts to your style and room. What’s more, it’s convertible too and you can add to it at a later date. There are plenty of examples:


Have a plan: with the sofa configurator


Shape, size and color: The configurator allows you to keep everything under control when designing your new sofa. It even gives you a realistic representation of what your finished sofa will look like.


Svea and Mike from Reykjavik discussing pouffes

“An invaluable asset to our cozy home.”

Europe is very unconventional – and apparently Reykjavik is even more so. It’s a modern, fun-loving, artistically-minded and tolerant place that lovingly maintains its traditions. This is where Svea and Mike live – in a historical timber house. But don’t be deceived by its outward appearance. On the inside, the building is modern and has been renovated with sustainability in mind. The large surface areas are striking and the furnishings surprising. We found more of our Cubit  pouffes here than we did in any of the other places we’ve visited. “We’re also using these pouffes as storage space. They’re fantastic for holding books and magazines. And using a large tray, we also serve drinks and nibbles on the designer stools,” they explain.

The pouffe that’s now used as a stool

The two interior designers always had a soft spot for this piece of furniture. With the modular sofa system from Cubit , they are basically seeing their dreams of fully flexible furnishings come true. The fact that the pouffe can be used as a stool or storage space makes the arrangement a pretty perfect solution indeed. “A designer stool such as this can be quickly moved next to the fireplace,” affirms Mike. Available in different fabric colors, the squares make for a homely object when combined – more or less creating an extra-large stool.

Superb materials guarantee the stool’s stability

Just like all the other elements of the modular sofa system, the pouffes are also made up of various foams and an internal spring system. In addition, the materials are produced in line with the Ökotex standard. So, all in all, the pouffe offers a wealth of additional benefits for sustainable furnishing fun besides its puristic lines and the vast range of colors and surface finishes on offer. The stool design can be cleverly combined with the remaining sofa modules. This spot provides a fantastic view of the enchanting surrounding area and natural wonders, including sheet lighting in winter or seemingly everlasting light in summer…