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Sofa examples

The sofa by Cubit® When design is versatile but never arbitrary, then it’s Cubit®. The modular sofa system by Cubit® is convincing in any dimension, for any use and style. And this is the reason: the minimalist language of form develops out of the technical construction. The slot-in system is essential to each element apart from the ottoman. An L-shaped bentwood connects the seat and the backrest and side elements. The five basic types can be configured to over 300 models.

136 Examples

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Sofa with a skyline silhouette
Sofa ensemble: no tools needed for assembly
Corner sofa – as spacious as a sofa ensemble
Bright pink corner sofa
Supersize armchair with a narrow seat
Grey armchair with blue cushion in living room
Straight-forward: grey 3-seater sofa with green cushions
Sofa with chaise longue and ottoman in grey and pink
Central armchair and two seating modules
Two corner armchairs with a practical seat height
Chaise longue for two
Ottoman with grey and pink cushions
Sofa ensemble – arranged for communication
Modern, colourful sofa ensemble with shelving
Sofa Pouf mit Kissen
Sofa for different persectives
A German sofa with Italian flair
A sofa as a triad, harmoniously combining both colour and shape
Two ottomans forming a strong design-duett
Colourful XXL sofa ensemble
50 shades of grey: modern sofa ensemble in grey
Cosy: pink armchair and cushions and extra-high backrests
Zweisitzer Sofa mit Hocker in gelb
A seating ensemble composed of ottomans
Modern sofa ensemble: sofa and shelving
Pink sofa with pink ottoman
Plain 3-seater sofa in three shades of grey
A comfortable two-seater thanks to the high seat
A corner sofa and a seating element are all you need to create a chaise-longue
Enjoy maximum relaxation with chaise longue and corner module
Grey ottoman with 2 cushions
Pretty in pink: 3-seater sofa made of two corner modules
Light grey sofa with grey and blue cushions
Mixed styles: modern green sofa with old map of the world and sideboard
Extra long: orange daybed with ottoman and purple cushion
Sofa ensemble with the lounge look
Stand-alone chair modules forming an original sofa
Crossover: modular sofa in various widths and depths
Live without limits: sofa ensemble in cheerful colours
A small-size seating ensemble
Sofa inspiration
Sofa and chaise longue with yellow, blue, and green fabrics
Oh, orange! L shaped sofa as a 3-seater
Furniture ensemble with backrests of different heights
Chair element with a low seat
Modular designer sofa made of three modules
Unconventional and modern: sofa in shades of red
Cosy reading lounge: grey sofas with side table
2-seater sofa with ottoman in green and grey
Creative furniture: the ottoman
Sofa with attractive texture
Individual sofa ensemble with strong character
Grey sofa with high backrests
From above: yellow carpet in front of grey 2-seater sofa
4-Sitzersofa in modernen Farben
Naturally beautiful: modular 2-seater in green
Colourful sofa ensemble
So sophisticated: 3-seater in grey with ottoman in petrol
Modern and pure: light grey corner sofa with chaise longue and cushions
Armchair with high backrest in front of fireplace
Orange ottoman with tray
For every body size: blue sofas in many sizes
This armchair is also impressive on its own
A three-seater playing with contrasting colours
Daybed with a slanting silhouette
Two expressive sofas combined to form a duet
Mine! Large comfortable armchair in pink with yellow cushion
Super-size seating furniture with high-quality fabric covers
Easy going: orange daybed with purple ottoman
A two-seater with a purist design
Colourful corner sofa in industrial loft
An extremely comfortable sofa bed
Red armchair with ottoman and colourful cushions
A modular sofa with changing perspectives
Minimalist sofa ensemble with carpet and shelving
Great attic with sofa ensemble of yellow, orange and purple modules
Extra-long sofa made up of four modules
Sofa creating an ensemble with yellow and grey
2-seater with skyline look
Red armchair in front of brightly coloured shelving
Graue Sofagruppe mit Récamière und flexibler Verlängerung
Free-standing sofa with ottoman orange and grey
High backrests add a stylish touch to the compact sofa
Einsitzer Sofa zum Relaxen
Green sofa ensemble with large, closed area
Individual style: modern living room with two daybeds, face to face.
Excitingly symmetrical: 2-seater with 2 cushions and 2 shades of blue
Chaise longue in ocean blue
Yellow, modular sofa with cushions and playing children
Communicative: the L-shaped sofa in blue-grey
Grey 2-seater sofa with high backrests
3-seater sofa in sun yellow and emerald green
Relaxing duett: 2-seater as chaise lounge
A corner armchair with a high backrest
Blue sofa with light blue ottoman
Light blue 2-seater sofa with colourful cushions
Grey 2-seater sofa with grey and blue cushions
Café with daybeds and armchairs in shades of grey and blue
Two sofas, back to back, for enhanced communication
Ecksofa in grau und grün
Communicative: two 2-seater sofas with ottoman as a table
Simple soloist: grey sofa in the living room
3-Sitzer Sofa mit Hocker als Ablage
A modular sofa with a deep seat
Large corner sofa
Café with sofa ensemble with grey and blue modules
Extra deep: 2-seater in L-shape by Cubit®
Two-eater sofa with two added seating modules
Grey sofa, black cat and side table
An elegant two-seater combined with a square seat
Sofa ensemble like modern architecture in muted colours
Corner sofa with an extravagant design
Corner sofa with industrial chic in loft
Combine the comfort of sitting and lying down
Soloist: grey sofa with orange and pink cushions
Sofa group: purist, straight-lined, modern
One chair with room for two: our armchair as a 2-seater sofa
3-seater: L-shaped sofa for sitting and lounging
Children having a pillow fight on 4-seater sofa group
Sofa ensemble with colourful cushions
Single Sofa mit Kissen
Modular four-piece sofa ensemble with four colours
Armchair-duett in complementary colours
A question of perspective: modern & purist sofa ensemble
Streamlined, L-shaped corner sofa
Bar with blue sofa, cushions and side tables
Wild: brightly coloured sofa in various heights, widths, and depths
Sofa ensemble in hotel bar
Purist: grey 3-seater sofa with cushion
Sofamodul in grau mit Hocker
3-seater as L- shaped sofa with strong lines
Modular 3-seater sofa with wow effect
Seating furniture that forms your very own unique island retreat